How To Optimise Your Twitter Account

Fri, 07/12/2012 - 09:22

Twitter is the fastest way to hear the news from around the world. In the same sense, Twitter is also the fastest way to get news out. What do we mean by that? Twitter allows you to post ‘tweets’ which is an update from your account to all your followers.

So how do you begin to optimise for Twitter?

Number One –Back To The Basics

The first step in optimising is always going back to the basics. What does your twitter account look like from the customers perspective – is it informative, friendly and likeable?

Back to the basics means you need to ask yourself these three questions: what is the objective of this account, do you communicate clearly with followers and do people want to follow you?

Number Two –Create Value

Creating value is simple in principle, but with the fast changing business environment, how do you make it a reality? This step is about defining who follows you. The easiest way to do this is to tailor your tweets and bio to meet those needs. For instance, if you are a car dealer, it is not wise to be tweeting on property. You need to focus on your core business and keep updating specials, promotions and attractive features of your product. Add a link back to your website product page to ensure customers have the ability to view your products easily.

Number Three – Engaging Profile Picture

Human nature makes us look at pictures first, in the same why you read articles that stand out, a picture is a drawing point. Think like a person on twitter. When browsing all the tweets, wont a bold, bright or catchy picture will make you want to stop and read the tweet. Remember the key to an engaging picture is that it is different to competitors, stands out, but is also friendly.

Number Four – The Background Information

Twitter is another platform for customers to become aware of your brand. Remember to add links to your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Website home page and YouTube page. This will allow potential customers on Twitter to view your company easily, without having to do a Google search.

Twitter is all about easy, fast and accurate information. The reason this social media is so successful, is that people engage on it. Ensure that you follow these four steps to optimise your twitter profile and build your online credibility. Remember to never duplicate your content, but rather add links for customers to your website and other social media platforms.

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