How a proactive approach to web maintenance can benefit your business

Thu, 09/07/2020 - 09:26

Proactive website maintenance is fundamental to ensuring your site continues to attract and retain customers. 

With website competition growing day by day, having a credible, functional website is a long-term investment. Your website needs to be a platform that is user-friendly on multiple devices. It needs to offer responsive design, relevant content, clear call to actions (CTAs) and consistency. Being proactive about your web maintenance will ensure your website gains leads, builds trust and helps to create brand awareness.

When we talk about a proactive web maintenance plan, we’re referring to your site’s software; whether it is secure and updated. This can be done by your website has installed SSL, uses an anti-malware software, runs regular backups and site monitoring. This will not only ensure your site is secure and updated, but it will assist in keeping your website relevant to search engines and users. It will also help you engage with your target audience and generate more sales. 

Now, let’s get into the benefits of a proactive approach to web maintenance 

Better website performance  

Every business owner wants a website that is fast and efficient. A slow-loading webpage can be frustrating for a user, but more importantly, site speed can affect your Google ranking and visibility.

Site speed is an impactful ranking factor, especially for mobile pages. The reason behind this is that Google takes website speed seriously, as they understand that it affects the user's experience on your site. Audiences have a short attention span, and if your website is slow, your visitors are inclined to become frustrated and leave your site. This causes lower conversions and a higher bounce rate. 

This is why having a proactive maintenance approach can help your SEO efforts. Proactive maintenance will also ensure you monitor tracking time to the first byte, how many HTTP requests you get, and if there are render-blocking JavaScripts and CSS codes. You're also ensuring there aren't any unnecessary obstacles which may be slowing down your site. 

Improve your website user experience 

User experience plays a huge role in ensuring that your website generates leads. Having outdated designs, old and irrelevant content, page errors, and grammatical errors will affect your brand’s image. Being proactive will ensure you pick up on any issues, and you can correct them so that your visitors get the ideal experience when using your website. This is a competitive climate, and you need a digital maintenance plan that will ensure you give your audience a user experience they expect.

Offers your website security 

Cyber attacks continue to increase rapidly, and now more than ever, it's important to secure your website. If your site gets hacked, not only will you lose sensitive data that could potentially ruin your company’s reputation but Google will also quarantine your website. This means search engines will blacklist your site by marking your website unsafe to visit. This, in turn, blocks your users from accessing your website, causing you to lose valuable customers. Continuously maintaining your website will ensure issues are picked up in advance to protect your customers’ data against hackers. 

Continuously updating your software 

Updating the software on your website will ensure your website stays up to date with intuitive features that will help with functionality. It will also ensure all bugs are fixed with better security for your customers. 

Relevant content 

Content is an important element in ensuring you retain and attract site visitors. Maintaining your website will ensure you continue to provide your users with relevant, valuable content, which, in turn, helps your SEO efforts. Google’s algorithms care about content and its relevance. For your company to rank high on search engines, it needs to meet Google’s Best Practice Guidelines criteria. 

Final thoughts

Building a website isn’t a once-off thing. Website maintenance is crucial for any organisation, regardless of the size. In today's world, where online presence is so valuable, your website can act as a window to your business for your customers and potential buyers to see what you have to offer. And, like it or not, your website has an impact on how users perceive your business.

So, consult with Rogerwilco today and allow your business to get the website support it needs. We have web development experts that will automate your systems and web applications and continuously maintain your overall website. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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