How you can use IGTV to boost your brand

Thu, 14/02/2019 - 11:07


Sounds intriguing, right? IGTV might be a simple app addition to the already-popular Instagram, but it provides a unique opportunity to brands in terms of audience reach and content production. IGTV can be used through its own app, but you can access it through Instagram itself. So, let’s delve into how you can use this new creative tool to boost your brand. 

What does IGTV mean for brands?

IGTV is different from Instagram stories in that the creators have a separate channel where they can store their footage within their account. Unlike Facebook Watch and YouTube, IGTV is designed specifically for mobile. And, in today’s mobile-first world, this is a major advantage for brands who are looking to reach a wider and younger audience.

The platform uses vertical video, which, while commonly used, is not as widely promoted as horizontal videos on other channels. Brands are paying attention because Instagram is promoting IGTV by adding notifications for new videos and giving it priority within the app. This means that whenever you post a new video to IGTV, users and followers will know. It will be at the top with a visible notification, which is fantastic for brand awareness. 

How to use it to boost your brand

Post relevant content

This might seem obvious, but brands should always upload content that is relevant and valuable to their audience. For example, if you are a beauty brand, you could post a 10 minute tutorial on how to apply your latest products. If you are a podcaster, use IGTV to upload your newest episode. 

The options are truly endless, but you should always ensure that the videos you upload are relevant to your audience. Boosting your brand can only happen if consumers enjoy your content and find it useful and valuable. If you are launching a new product, create a behind-the-scenes video of it being packed and sent off to the store or create an unboxing video for customers to enjoy. 

Don’t overthink it

Today’s audiences want authenticity. And this means that you should avoid overthinking the videos you upload to IGTV. You want your content to be natural, valuable and relatable, so you do not need to send out perfectly polished videos in order to impress viewers. 

However, be sure that what you film casts a positive light on your brand, rather than making you look like amateurs. Overthinking your videos might mean that your content comes across as stiff and overly planned, rather than entertaining. The beauty of Instagram has always been that you can simply pick up a smartphone and use it to capture a moment and share it with the world. The same tactic should apply to your IGTV videos. 

Always include a CTA (call to action)

A CTA is what encourages consumers to go to your website or click on a link for a promotion, so it is imperative that you include a CTA to your website or another piece of content they can learn further from. 

Not including a CTA, even in a video, will leave consumers wondering what to do when they have finished watching your video. Not only will this confuse them, but it will cause you to lose followers too. You could ask viewers to share your content with their followers, or send them to a page of your website for more information on a product. Whatever you choose to do, ensure it is relevant to the content and gives the consumer an action to perform at the end of your video. 

Make your content shareable

One effective way to answer the question of “What does IGTV mean for brands?” is to look at what is already being uploaded on the app. A single word comes to mind: “shareable”. You can now create highly shareable, long-format videos, which can boost your brand and attract new clients or customers. 

In order to make your content shareable, you will need to make videos that are relevant, valuable and entertaining. A video of your office staff using one of your new products is an effective way to showcase a new offering, and the humour will make it entertaining. Include a CTA to the new product page and you will soon see your content being shared all over Instagram. Shareable content will make consumers aware of your brand effectively and efficiently. 

Looking ahead

While IGTV is relatively new, it can be an impressive tool in the arsenal of a professional marketing agency or brand. It allows you to engage with consumers on a new and creative level, building your brand and increasing your profitability. If you post relevant content and try not to overthink what you upload, you will be able to use it as a marketing platform for a younger audience. Being able to create shareable content is one of the major benefits of IGTV, and going viral is one sure-fire way for your brand to grow!

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