The Importance of System Integration

Wed, 15/05/2019 - 14:15

In today's age of big data and interconnected systems, integrations between websites and 3rd party applications give organisations significant competitive advantage.

Whether you are bringing in data from another web source, syncing your accounting system with your online store, or pulling data from your existing Java applets, we understand both the business requirement and the technical imperatives necessary to make your web systems integration deliver on its promise.

In recent years we have integrated clients' Drupal framework with Google APIs, Oracle and Pastel platforms.

By defining communications protocols - be they XML or JSON - and establishing whether SOAP or REST offer the most effective web service paradigm, we ensure that we create the most appropriate system connection, interface and data transfer process.

The difference between effective systems integration and successful systems integration lies in the user experience. Technically, things might work, but if the interface is clunky, user acceptance will be limited. 

Our focus on design and UX helps create a seamless merger between the integration points and should assume there is only one system.

FICA Checks

We’ve also integrated with an independent FICA validation service that allows us to offer clients who need to perform FICA checks on potential customers instant feedback and validation.

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