Instagram Trends: Roadmap For Brands (For Reels)

Thu, 09/05/2024 - 15:11

In digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for brands looking to make a lasting impact. With over a billion active users monthly, Instagram stands out as a prime platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, and connect with their target audience. Understanding and leveraging Instagram trends can be the key to unlocking success in this dynamic landscape.

That's where Rogerwilco comes in.

As your trusted digital marketing partner, we're here to empower you to unlock the full potential of Instagram, particularly through the power of Reels. By understanding and capitalising on the latest trends, we can help you craft a winning strategy that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful results. Let’s have a look at a few below:

Authenticity Over Perfection

In an age of influencers and meticulously curated feeds, authenticity is king. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that embrace their true selves, showcasing real people, genuine moments, and behind-the-scenes (BTS) glimpses.

Take Wendy's, the sass masters who use memes like nobody's business. Or Aerie's #AerieREAL campaign, celebrating all shapes and sizes with unfiltered pictures. It's relatable, it's real, and it resonates.

User-generated content (UGC) and candid stories that celebrate imperfections can foster deeper connections with your audience and build trust among your followers.

Video Content Dominance

Video still reigns supreme on Instagram, with features like Reels experiencing explosive growth, with over 2.35 billion active monthly users engaging with content.

To capitalise on this trend, brands should create engaging and shareable video content that hooks viewers within the first few seconds.

A perfect example of this is Old Spice; their video ads have been known to be salient and funny and are a masterclass in video content marketing. Fun Fact: Their 2019 campaign, “Men Have Skin Too”, became the longest in television history, earning the client and the agency a spot in The Guinness Book of Records.

From product tutorials to BTS peeks, video offers a dynamic way to tell your brand story and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Rogerwilco's team of experts can help you brainstorm creative video concepts, craft captivating scripts, and produce high-quality content that stands out in the crowd.

Interactive Experiences

Modern Instagram users crave interactive experiences that go beyond passive scrolling. Features like Reels, stories, and interactive stickers empower brands to engage with their audience in real-time and gather valuable feedback. By encouraging participation and fostering two-way communication, brands can cultivate a sense of community and loyalty among their followers.

Influencer Partnerships with Purpose

While influencer marketing remains a potent tool for brands to reach new audiences and boost engagement, authenticity and trust reign supreme. A whopping 85% of influencers and 67% of marketers agree that these qualities are key to aligning with brand values and resonating with target demographics.

The key takeaway? Audiences crave genuineness. Forget paid endorsements; transparent recommendations from influencers they trust hold more weight than ever before.

Embrace Ephemeral Content

Forget perfectly curated feeds — the rise of ephemeral content like Instagram Stories is changing how brands connect with their audience. These posts and messages vanish within 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity that's perfect for casual, spontaneous interactions.

Remember when Snapchat first pioneered disappearing messages back in 2013? That was just the beginning. Now, brands can use platforms like Instagram Stories to engage in real-time conversations, share behind-the-scenes glimpses ("BTS peeks"), offer limited-time deals, and give exclusive sneak peeks. This unique format triggers FOMO (fear of missing out), drives engagement and fosters brand loyalty.

But the magic goes beyond the "hurry before it's gone" factor. Ephemeral content allows brands to showcase their authentic side in a more raw, unfiltered way. They can experiment with creative formats, like polls or Q&A sessions, to spark curiosity and build anticipation for upcoming campaigns. This creates a sense of "now or never, " encouraging viewers to jump in and feel like insiders.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Today's consumers care more than ever about the environment and social issues, making them more likely to choose brands that stand up for good. By highlighting their sustainable practices, supporting worthy causes, and taking a clear stance on important matters, brands can resonate with these "socially conscious shoppers" and stand out in a competitive market.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In today's digital world, knowledge is king. Brands that use data analytics to measure performance, understand their audience and fine-tune their Instagram strategy stand out from the pack. From experimenting with ad formats to tracking engagement, data insights fuel smarter decisions and drive real results.

Our data analysts unlock the insights hidden in your Instagram data, pinpointing areas for improvement and enabling data-driven choices that maximize your campaign performance.

Final words

Don't be left behind on Instagram. Over a billion users crave authenticity, video, interaction, and brands with purpose. Master these trends and leverage data to explode your impact on the platform. Embrace the real, ditch the perfect. Create thumb-stopping videos. Spark conversations. Partner with influencers who talk your talk, walk your walk. Go live, be spontaneous, and show your green side. Track, analyse, adapt. Data is your secret weapon. Rule Instagram, rule the game.

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