Last week in SEO – 17 July

Mon, 17/07/2017 - 10:25

Here's a quick roundup of what's been happening in SEO over the last week. 

The art of 404 pages
MBB did an article on some of the best 404 pages from South African Websites. Now, by no means are we endorsing 404 pages – and a custom one is definitely a luxury – but it definitely softens the mood when you land on one that is engaging and entertaining. 

The fun side of Robots.txt
The article is from a while ago, but the point I'm trying to get to is simply that SEO can be a lot of fun. Robots.txt files are not something the average user visits, but they are one of the core technical SEO elements. So, serving it as an easter egg for the odd nosey webmaster or even average consumer can be an interesting encounter. It sure shows another side of SEO, enjoy!

Google My Business now has chatterbox
GMB is now enabling a chat feature. So, you can quickly reply to a consumer when they’re trying to find you via maps or viewing you from the Google SERPs. This sure brings in a new dimension of site management, especially if you manage a very large website. And it certainly also gives us a taste of the future we have as SEOs with Google.

Analytics Referral spam
Spam in Analytics Referral traffic is jeopardising accurate traffic figures. However, there are ways to counter the issues through some filters one can apply. The SEO team at Rogerwilco has been actively on top of the issue and want to share some of the solutions. 

The Future of Site Crawlers
SEOs have relied on website crawlers to give us technical information on pages. The problem is that we have been so reliant on them that UX and SEO friendly designs have fallen behind, as these crawlers can't crawl UX or design, obviously. The push from Google into user friendliness will certainly see SEOs of the future pay less attention to site crawlers and more hands on UX optimisation.  

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