Last week in SEO – 3 July

by Anonymous (not verified)
Mon, 03/07/2017 - 13:55

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly SEO roundup. Keep a look out every Monday for the latest news and updates in the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Click on the headings for links to some helpful and interesting articles.  
YAY for SEO!
One of our most used SEO tools has been changed overnight. Our SEO team uses Test My Site for all health checks and audits. It provides us with mobile focused performance rates and recommendations. However, Google has released a new set of features for its Test My Site tool to show how many visitors companies may be losing due to page speed. The team expects to gain better insights for mobile which indicates better health checks and audits for our clients.
World 2 – 0 Google 
An unrivalled ruling in Canada’s Supreme Court forced the country to force the removal of search results in Google’s search engine – anywhere in the world. A company based in Canada got their trade rights copied when a distributor used their trade secrets to design and manufacture a competing product. The Supreme Court ordered Google to remove search results from any country with competing websites. Instead, Google took action by only removing search results from the Canadian search engine and not globally. This led to Google being in some real trouble. 
In addition to this, Google is in hot water again as they skewed search results to favour their own shopping services. 
What's Google going to do?
If the news articles did not make any sense to you about the fine that was laid against Google by the EU, then this article will certainly clear that up. It also dives into what the future might hold – it’s definitely worth the read!
Google Analytics tells you what. Inspectlet tells you why.
The SEO team welcomes smarter web analytics. Inspectlet allows clients to watch visitors use their site as if we’re looking over the visitor’s shoulder. Inspectlet allows clients to record videos of website visitors as they navigate the site, allowing us to see every mouse movement, scroll, click and keypress on the site. We can finally see where people are really looking through the use of heatmap visualisation. This allows for a better understanding of visitors’ mindsets, as well as helps us increase conversion rates. 
Putting the "tube" into YouTube.
This is insane! Basically, it dives into how the YouTube algorithm works. Why does YouTube suggest "cute puppy" videos when I want to watch funny kitty videos? And what makes videos trend? 
No more pre-roll video ads. About time.
Google is trying to limit the use of pre-roll video ads on YouTube, pledging to get rid of the despised 30-second unstoppable format next year. However, at the beginning of this year, Twitter took a step in the opposite direction by launching pre-roll ads on its video streaming service, Periscope. The question still remains whether to keep pre-roll video ads for marketing purposes or to ban them all together? 

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