The latest in SEO – 16 October

Fri, 13/10/2017 - 14:11

Want to know what's up in the world of SEO? Well, here you have it...

AdWords budgets, what!?

Last week Google announced that AdWords budgets may now run up to double the daily budget limit. Essentially, if you have a daily spend budget of R30 for a campaign, AdWords may or may not decide, on your behalf, to spend R60 for that day, depending on traffic and demand. Google promises not to spend more than your monthly budget. Updates to the story can be found here. 

AdWords be looking fancy AF 

Damn AdWords, so hot! The new interface was implemented a while ago, but only on some accounts (only around half our accounts were transitioned). So, finally, the full transition was launched (11-10-2017), which means every AdWords account will now have the new interface.

The complete guide To GMB

Recently, we have seen Google making major updates and announcements to Google My Business (GMB). It is a powerful (and VERY underrated, in my opinion) feature in Google's SERPs that marketers aren't yet fully deploying. The guide features everything you need to know when setting up and optimising your GMB profile. 

Spare some change, Apple?

Basically, Apple users have hella cash. They are spending 211% on average more than Android users, according to the report. But that's no secret, right? What does it mean for marketers or even us at Rogerwilco? Target the Apple users in paid search and sell them expensive SMEG toasters and kettles! Just joking. But it is interesting, nonetheless, and does open up some questions for device platform targetting. 

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