The latest in SEO – 26 September

Tue, 26/09/2017 - 14:10

Wondering what's been happening in the world of SEO? Well, we may have the information you've been look for. 

Hello AI SEO – we hope to meet you one day
AI is already being used in digital marketing to gather data on ad targeting, determine the relevancy of content, identify customer segments for cross-selling, and streamline marketing campaigns to impact target audience. However, only one SEO agency in the UK is providing AI SEO services. AI programs such as Rank Brain or alternatives of raw artificial intelligence software tools are SEO Powersuite and Muncheye. It's time we start adapting.

Say yes to Integration
Eye-tracking research shows that majority of mobile ads are being ignored with about 1.42 seconds spent as users navigate through content on their phones. On the other hand, the study found that integrated ads, which are dynamically tailored to the page where they are served, outperformed the standard IAM ad with users spending 3.14 times longer on these adverts and having an increase in brand recall. 

Imagine finding more content without having to go back to the search bar
Google Search App for iOS will allow users viewing a web page within the app to get suggested related content (not personalised, but showcasing a wide variety of content), making it easier to view content without having to go back to the search results page and/or conducting a new search. Perhaps the start of new marketing opportunities?

How often do you disavow Links? Apparently, 38% of SEOs never disavow Links
Disavowing links is one of the essential tasks for SEOs to eliminate spammy links, yet many professionals disregard it. Find out how often other SEOs disavow links and why link profile analysis is super important. 

And why do people click on links?
Trustworthy links can increase CTR by 39% to 200%. This article looks at the psychology behind users decisions to click a link and how to get our desired result. 

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