The latest in SEO – 7 August

Mon, 07/08/2017 - 09:21

So, what’s been happening in SEO lately? Well, here’s an update to keep you in the loop. 

Google Data Studio is giving Search Console a make-over. Watch this space 
If you didn't already know, Data Studio is Google's reporting and data visualization tool. This tool allows google analytics and search console to create powerful data visualizations that we can use to present to our clients, allowing unlimited access to data. Rumour has it that new reports will cover an Index Coverage Report and AMP Fixing Flow Reports. 

Where did I save that?
Google has added a new and improved feature: a save and bookmarking feature which is easily accessible in a new “hamburger” menu. You can now save those images and webpages while using Google on your mobile device. This has even extended to saving local panels.

Will Google Images please stand up?
Google has rolled out a new feature on mobile that can help us and our clients make their images stand out in Search. Google has added badges for recipes, videos, products, and animated images. It will now show you an image in their search results for a GIF, video or recipe with a small badge on the corner of the image. So much room for new opportunities!

Google updates quality raters guidelines with details on non-English language web pages
What is a Google rater? Google has over 10 000 search quality raters worldwide who evaluate their search results. They rate the quality of pages that appear in top results. In other words, quality raters are used to improve Google Search Algorithms. Now, Google raters are implementing guidelines around non-English language pages and more. 

A new “Google My Business” tool has been released
Say hello to Locadium – a new solution to GMB listings. It is pretty similar to other local listings monitoring services, but this time it’s primarily focused on GMB. It also sends alerts when there is a change to a company's listings. However, there is pricing involved for agencies. 

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