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Wed, 15/05/2019 - 13:47

Much has been written about the 4th industrial revolution and the opportunity artificial intelligence offers organisations to better understand their customers’ information needs.

Most of us have encountered personalisation when using services like Amazon and Netflix, but relatively few South African websites are using data (or for that matter artificial intelligence or machine learning) to optimise customer journeys by surfacing content based on their understanding of customers’ interests and wants.

This puzzles us given that research consistently demonstrates that content personalisation works. 

Through our partnerships with Acquia and IBM we have access to some extremely sophisticated personalisation software that’ll help put the right message in front of your prospect at the right time.

Acquia Lift

Lift gives web owners the ability to track user interaction on their website, build personas based on audience interest and then present tailored content to them that’s based on these interest areas. As well as improving discovery, building a more engaging browsing experience will likely improve conversion and other KPIs.

While Lift can be deployed on any web framework by simply including a JavaScript tag, it performs at it best when used in conjunction with a Drupal site, as you are able to display and alter content using Drupal's robust entity query and display mode options.

Acquia Journey

Stemming from Acquia Lift, Journey was developed to take user interaction to the next logical step - multichannel integration. Journey gives you the ability to map, assemble, orchestrate and manage customer experiences across different channels and it unifies various platforms such as marketing and advertising technologies, CRM tools and ecommerce platforms under a single interface making it possible to quickly assemble powerful and complex user journeys.

Acoustic (previously IBM Watson Marketing Cloud)

IBM has a very extensive marketing automation and personalisation product suite. From campaign automation - which drives outbound communications - to Watson real-time personalisation, which reviews historic website interactions to deliver relevant content to each visitor in the context of their previous interactions with the brand, we can deploy one of the most advanced personalisation engines in the world on your digital properties. 

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