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Mon, 23/10/2017 - 09:00

Oral storytelling serves as a means of abstracting experiences and emotions in a verbal form. And because we’re always trying to humanise everything we do, and as quickly as possible, podcasting has become an even easier way for individuals with short attention spans to pack a wealth of knowledge (or even boring information) into a short space of time. Whether you’re walking your dog, cooking dinner or sitting in gloomy morning traffic, now you can spruce up your knowledge jar and feast your ears. 

Here are a few benefits of podcasting in digital marketing.

Convenience is king 

The most unexpected things can really change the way your business connects with their customers. In today’s fast-paced world, time isn’t necessarily the problem; but convenience is. When you compare text and video to audio content, the accessibility is much higher for users. And the best part is they don’t have to shift time away from what they're doing to focus exclusively on your content. 

It increases your reach and grows your audience

The most obvious reason why companies have invested in podcasting as part of their digital content strategy, apart from the organic exposure gained, is the level of competition amongst industries and thought leaders. It has become increasingly easier to become the go-to authority in your field when you’re giving your brand a platform that really resonates with their listeners.

With a good SEO strategy, it’s even easier to make sure and track whether your podcasts are driving traffic and hitting the search rankings or not. Your episodes can also be supported by show notes, allowing you to transcript or summarise all your episode/s for reading purposes. 

It builds customer trust 

For people who cannot write or do not enjoy writing, recording a podcast is a lot less time-consuming. It’s also more fun as it allows the broadcaster to speak in a genuine tone. Listeners can detect the excitement in your voice while you discuss topics that are relevant to you both. 

Time to jump onto the podcast wagon

Podcasts play a vital role in the creation of online content, paid or not, so it really comes down to your own preferred approach to storytelling, your company’s objectives and the needs of your audience. If your goal is to build long-standing relationships with your customers then it’s really worth considering. 

Here are few industry favourites. Have a listen… and then subscribe if it appeals to you. 

Copyblogger FM: Writers, this one's for you. Sonia Simone and a cast of rotating experts analyse content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimisation, mindset and more.

Marketing Over Coffee: Recorded in a local coffee shop, Marketing Over Coffee discusses both traditional and new marketing trends, tips and tricks to assist when tweaking your next strategy. 

Getting Goosebumps: This podcast is based off a book called “Getting Goosebumps” which focuses on inbound marketing agencies. It discusses all the ways to be more effective in your marketing approach. 

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