Project Managers - dealing with deadlines and resources

Wed, 30/08/2017 - 11:12

One of the most common words you’ll hear in an agency is “deadline”. We all talk about deadlines and push for them. But do we really understand their complexity and what tools are needed to accomplish them? 

A recent survey found that project success is four times higher when the project goal is clear to the project managers and when the business is aligned with the client’s vision, strategy and objectives. High project failure can be attributed to processes that are not robust enough, especially relating to the resources and skills of production members. 

Peter Hepworth, chief executive of project management consultancy Axelos, was quoted in a recent article: “Never has it been so important to build a solid foundation for project success. If we want to improve levels of productivity and project success, then we have to ensure that the people delivering projects have the necessary skills, knowledge and resource.” 

Key factors that project managers need to keep in mind in order to ensure projects run as they should:  

The communication process
This is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to a successful project. When communication from client to resources (your teams) are clear and vice versa, project outcomes will meet the goals of the project. Clear communication contributes greatly to more efficient work. The reason for this is that resources don’t get frustrated and know exactly what they need to do. Happy resourses do better work. 

Planning and understanding the project 
Poor planning leads to not having enough time to meet a deadline. When a new project starts, project managers must understand the scope of the work. When a project manager fully understands the scope of work, they can ensure the resources have enough time, see potential pitfalls, have solid crisis management plans set out and keep resources motivated to meet deadlines.

Another important factor to keep in mind is having the right resources to execute the project work. Not having the correct resources leads to most project failures. If your teams are not equipped for projects, the project will automatically fail. The reason being that they will need more time to finish the task, work will not be of a high standard and this starts the loop of back and forth from client to project manager. 

This can definitely be prevented by ensuring that resources are keeping up with industry trends, adapting to these trend changes and constantly upskilling themselves. Resources need to evolve in their roles, learn from industry experts and push themselves to be better with every new project. It’s always important that teams learn from their mistakes and find ways not to make them again. 

Fuel and recharge 
Something that we should never forget is to ensure that resources’ needs are looked after. When resources feel appreciated, it will show in their work. Resources should not be overworked, they must have sufficient time to recharge. As a project manager, you need to enforce this. Working people to burn-out point can lead to losing your best resources. 

In conclusion, project managers play a vital role in delivering project goals. The role is always evolving and project managers must be able to meet new demands. The right resources are just as vital, a combination of strong project management and the right resources is a winning recipe for a successful project. 


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