The Role of AI in the Creative Process

Thu, 02/11/2023 - 10:49

Recently, Adobe debuted a new tamper-proof icon for AI-generated content that allows viewers to distinguish when, by whom, and which AI software was used to create the content. This is hardly surprising, given the rise of AI in the creative industry. Though AI hasn’t reached the point of accuracy needed to “take over”, it has positively and negatively affected the creative process.

As generative content becomes increasingly indistinguishable from organic content, creatives have been at the edge of their seats. While many creatives are anxious about the subject of AI, others have been embracing it in many ways.

In digital marketing, AI has become helpful for generating unique ideas, with many designers using it as inspiration rather than a tool to produce a final product. “Because AI uses existing images and designs from across the internet, it’s helpful to use as a tool for us to know what’s already been done or how we could do it better”, says a member of Rogerwilco’s creative team.

Using generative AI seems to be a step in the design process to ensure that the work is unique. AI acts as an accuracy calculator for designers, ensuring they are constantly improving.

It is not only designers who feel anxious about the growth of AI but also content and creative writers who fear AI will soon get to the point where humans will no longer be needed. However, a few believe that AI-generated content is merely a means of inspiration.

“AI has had positive and negative effects; though many writers are closed off from using AI, I believe it is a great tool for developing ideas. Using AI as a form of mind mapping is ideal, and from there, creating an idea that is refined and unique comes easier,” says a content writer at Rogerwilco.

Thus, AI-generated content can be helpful while still being daunting for creatives. However, as AI becomes increasingly popular, creatives are encouraged to embrace the change. AI seems to serve as another step towards birthing more refined and unique ideas in the creative process.

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