The Science of the Signup Form

Thu, 24/01/2013 - 17:07

Wow what an interesting article I came accross.

Now, if you think that things just "happen" mindlessly on websites, be warned - everything is pre-meditated. And if it's not, then YOU (yes you, the client/designer/business analyst!) should get out your tools and start crafting the detail.

Every detail on a website should be in its simplest, most effective form, even the sign-up forms. As an interactive part of our websites, we want users to signup - for various reasons - so make sure that your users know why they are signing up, and let that be a reason for them to do so without any doubt in their minds. You can even include that call-to-action which might just get yourself a more loyal customer.

You cannot just rely on the default settings of whichever platform you are using to offer your users the best experience. If your site is responsive, make sure that the signup forms can be accessed from mobile devices and are working seamlessly.

With UX on everybody’s lips, the competition out there is rife. A signup form should be easy to see, with clear instruction which details are needed from them. It needs to be credible enough for users to give their personal details, and look safe. You may even offer them a glimpse of what they are bound to expect from signing up for your service or marketing material.

Let it be a lesson to all - and some great ideas to learn from. Grab your customers and win their loyalty. Only then can you up-sell to them.

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