Social media mistakes you need to avoid

Tue, 19/04/2016 - 00:00

Various social media accounts are not only necessary for your business but essential. A business owner that goes beyond the call of duty these days is one who sincerely replies to a Facebook comment. The world is revolving around social media and what is being said online can either make or break a business.

Despite the social media bloopers we have witnessed, one would think business owners and social media marketers are learning their lessons. Some are still damaging their brand, instead of growing and building their company legacy through the use of social media.

Forgetting about your email list

Contrary to popular belief, the email list is not dead. The point of a social media account for your business is to generate a broader client base and for those clients to effectively interact without having to go through a long process. A business email list is a valuable asset to any company.

Move the business social media fans and followers to your email list, for the opportunity to build a long-term relationship.

Repeated content use

Avoid posting the same type of content over and over again. Asking occasional questions and posting the latest blog posts on the page is okay, but overly repeating this process is not. The same posts can be become dull and lead your audience to tune you out.

Having no strategy or not following it through

Planning a content plan ahead of the scheduled posting time is a great way of keeping up with the type of content that is going out. Always keep the target demographic in mind before simply posting anything which comes to mind. Always ask the question, what does my customer or client want to know today and how can I help him or her?

Not building on existing relationships

Social media can be a tool used to broadcast messages to fans and followers. Avoid sharing knowledge and insight on anything other than the brand or the company. Work on fostering relationships by being helpful to your customers even if they ask questions outside of the brand or service you provide.

Being insincere or inauthentic

There is no running away from being your true self on social media. You may have an idea of who you want to be perceived as on social media, but the reality is that over time your true personality will shine through - and don’t think they won’t notice. It is in the company’s best interest for someone to take on a tone which is similar to theirs. If this is not an option then be yourself and share your real thoughts and opinions. An audience would much rather want to see the real you, than something automated.

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