When and Why to use Newsletters

Thu, 19/01/2012 - 16:42

To be confident that your clients keep coming back, ensure that they don’t forget about your business and the services / products that you offer. This does not mean to bomb your customers with junk-mail (spam), but rather to balance your marketing efforts to provide your clients with some value. One unsurpassed method to do this is to use an E-Newsletter. Nowadays, newsletters can be electronic, paper or a combination of both.

A monthly, quarterly or even semester newsletter is an excellent tactic to keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers - while providing added valuable info related to your field of expertise. For example, my SEO research tool provider sends me a monthly newsletter filled with terrific tips that are relevant to the SEO industry. Such newsletters are a fantastic way, not just to establish the author as a professional in his field, but it also helps to initiate a friendly relationship between the newsletter publisher/author and the reader.

The newsletter format could be whatever you want it to be, but the main goal is to present useful, relevant information that your clients need/want to receive. You can write the articles yourself or you could find resources online for free or paid articles on various topics. Alternatively, you can hire someone to write the articles for your – As it is more affordable than you think and unlike reprint articles, these will be credited to you.

E-mail newsletters are very similar to traditional newsletters in content, yet there are some considerate differences. You need to take into account “can-spam laws” while sending out the e-mail newsletter. There are numerous services available that will ensure that your newsletter is compatible with anti-spam laws, plus they manage your mailing list and delivery options. These services are highly recommended by industry leaders.

There should be no need to release more than one newsletter a month, unless you have some important info that your customers will want/need to know. Always remember that people usually get a bunch of e-mails daily, and therefore sending more letters than what is necessary, will lower the efficiency of an e-mail newsletter and it might even result in you losing subscribers.

Every so often the following question arises: Which is better? – E-mail or printed newsletters?

The answer depends solely on your market. There are certain cases where the combination of the two delivers great results. You must conclude what your customer demographics are and which options will be the most effective for you.

Remember that your newsletter is the way of getting your message across to your customers. Through sharing your info with your customers, you are emphasizing the value of your business and maintaining the relationships you have with your customers.

Search Google or other search engines, visit social networks and check the websites that are relevant to your field of work. Go to the niche forums and participate in the discussions. All this will enable you to create a vision of your market so that you are able to supply relevant information to you loyal followers.

Newsletters are a great way of spreading your business’s products or services. Additionally, it is an affordable marketing option to anyone who wishes to use it. Do your adequate research and get mailing – You won’t believe the return-on-investment before you try it.

If you want to know whether your company can use Newsletters as an effective means of promoting itself and getting the word out about its product or service, give us a shout and we’ll discuss which possible avenues can work for you.

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