Why client service is an important part of any marketing strategy

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 15:15

Everyone knows that the customer is king, even if the customer isn’t always right. This is why client service should be a part of your digital content marketing strategy, especially in today’s age of social media and online reviews. 

One bad interaction with your brand could mean a negative review on your Facebook page, which could be seen by hundreds of people. Investing in client service as well as content marketing services will mean that your brand is always on top of any issues that clients bring forward. 

For those who see value in content marketing in digital marketing you should also place equal importance on client service. If your strategy includes social media marketing, your marketing plan should include a customer support team who are able to quickly provide loyal and potential customers with answers and information. Below we discuss why client service is vital to any marketing strategy.

Bad customer service will cost you

Your marketing team might be able to create an outstanding campaign for a client, one which brings in website traffic and even conversions. But, if your customer support team is not operating on the same level, you might find that your client loses these customers… and you will lose your client’s business. 

Bad customer service can do more than just lose customers, it can cause clients and consumers to lose trust in your brand. You will need to implement a strategy for your customer support or client service team which ensures that all customer issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. This will improve your brand awareness as well as keep your business safe from financial and legal issues.

Touchpoints can be marketing opportunities

By now you might have heard of the term “touchpoint” but you might not be completely sure of what it is. A touchpoint, in terms of both marketing and client service is, “an influential action initiated by a communication, a human contact or a physical or sensory interaction.” Simply put, it is a message or interaction which touches a customer in some way. 

Client service can use these touchpoints as marketing opportunities. For example, if a customer has phoned with an issue, the customer support team can provide them with a solution and change a complaint into a compliment. You will need to learn how to maximise these interactions without coming across as selling them something, which is where the client service expertise comes into play. These professionals understand how to speak to customers without using a “hard sell”.

It helps with word-of-mouth advertising

While we do live in a digital world, word-of-mouth advertising can still help immensely with building brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty. And one thing that people talk about is customer service.

For example, if you are researching a restaurant for a romantic dinner, you will likely look at social media or Google reviews first. If those are negative, you will move on to a restaurant with better reviews. Good customer service will bring in rave reviews of your company, and this will encourage others to use your goods or services. Word-of-mouth advertising cannot be bought with marketing, but it can be encouraged with a positive customer service experience.

Boost your brand’s image

Having a positive brand image is vital for any business. And including a great client service strategy is one of the best ways to do so. Other than having rave reviews on social media and other platforms, customer service that is always consistent will put you at the forefront of the minds of those who are looking to use products and services such as the ones you offer. 

Similarly, bad customer service can be highly detrimental to your brand’s image, possibly even taking business away from you. In order to boost your brand’s image, you should include your marketing and client service teams in meetings together, allowing them to collaborate in ways that would best improve your brand’s image and awareness of your brand. By combining client service in your marketing, you can have a positive impact on your brand. 

The customer comes first

For many agencies, client service and marketing are two different teams. While this is a formula which has worked in the past, it might be time to consider using client service in your marketing strategy. This is because poor customer service could cost you your business, as people rely on word-of-mouth as well as online reviews. 

Touchpoints are better understood by a client service team and these can be put to good use to boost marketing. Find out how Rogerwilco can help you with impressive marketing and client service offerings.

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