Why confidence is the key to successful marketing

Mon, 03/09/2018 - 09:00

Everyone knows that confidence is the key to success. You’ve heard that line, right? Well, it stands to reason that successful marketing, therefore, relies on confidence as well. And in business, marketing is vital to success. Here are just a few reasons why marketers need to have confidence at all times.  

Being confident allows you to be present in each and every conversation
Listening is incredibly important in marketing. Agencies need to listen to both clients and the consumers their clients are trying to reach. In addition to this, in order for all the internal cogs in the agency wheel to perform properly, they need to work together to make magic happen. This is why every marketer needs to be present in each and every conversation. Hearing one word could make the difference between a winning campaign and losing an account. Knowing what people want and what people will respond positively to is a marketer’s main responsibility. 

Confidence helps people make quicker, better decisions
Whether someone works for an SEO company in Johannesburg or an above-the-line agency in Tokyo, they have to make decisions constantly. And that means every employee, from the junior writer who chooses every word they use to the CEO who needs to decide on the future of the business as a whole. Making decisions is all about confidence. When a person lacks confidence, they tend to second-guess themselves and struggle to be decisive and being decisive is incredibly important in marketing. There isn’t always time to ask for a second opinion or spend hours researching a decision. Marketers need to be able to make a decision right away and it better be the right decision. Confidence allows for this. 

Confidence gives you the ability to back up your decisions
You may think that it’s all about having the latest data and facts to back up your work, which we understand is important. That’s why we’ve partnered with Acoustic (previously IBM Watson) to ensure we are always ahead when it comes to marketing automation. However, while every SEO company in South Africa does have to have the research to back up every strategy they come up with, they also need to have the confidence in their method. They need to be able to explain why they see the way forward as they do. The search team need to be able to back up why they chose the keywords they did. In turn, the content team needs to have the confidence to make choices about what they choose to write about and how they choose to write it. And the accounts team need to have the confidence to explain to a client why the content team and SEO team made the decisions they made. 

You need confidence in order to sell your marketing ideas
Both creatives and the accounts team need to be able to sell ideas to the client. Whether it’s pitching to a new client or proposing a campaign to an old client, each person who walks into the room needs to be able to sell. And, as anyone who has worked in retail will tell you, confidence is key to making sales. Marketers need to be able to stand in front of a room full of people and explain why their SEO company in Cape Town is worth investing in. It’s not going to work if the team just stands there shaking and repeating the same thing over and over again. No client is going to trust that. Instead, eye contact, carefully-chosen words and a belief in what you’re saying are essential.  

At the end of the day, no marketing effort is going to be successful without the marketer having confidence. Whether it’s selling ideas, an agency or a client, confidence is important in our industry. And we assure you, Rogerwilco definitely has confidence.  

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