Why your business should care about evergreen content for SEO

Thu, 09/07/2020 - 09:23

Living in a world that’s constantly inundated with evolving trends requires us to punch through content that solely revolves around these trends. Why? Because relevancy is important for search engine optimisation (SEO). But on the other side of the coin lies another factor businesses ought to not lose sight of in content marketing: evergreen content. 

What is evergreen content? 

Evergreen is a type of content that can help your business in its quest to build authority and rank higher than your strongest competitors. It has the ability to remain relevant to readers for many years; content that your readers will care about and find useful even if they find it two or six years after you’ve published it. 

When you work on evergreen content ideas, it’s important to learn to discern which topics fall under the evergreen content umbrella. For example, an article on the latest Google update is a relevant topic that’s important for any business to know, but it isn’t evergreen content because Google makes new updates each year. However, a topic with tips on how to help your content perform better on search engines can be classified as an evergreen post because there will always be a business in need of information that will help their content rank better. 

How does it help with ranking factors? 

If done right, evergreen content will deliver organic traffic to your website. When users search for a topic, search engines return relevant content for this searched topic, and if your content is relevant, it will show in the results despite which year it was published in. 

Evergreen content winning ingredients 

Content that ranks on search engines has to have the winning ingredients. This is no different for evergreen content. It won’t simply rank because it’s timeless. It has to be high-quality content that stands out from that of your competitors. When creating the content, you have to think about an angle that will make users click on your content over the content created by your competitors on the same topic. Doing this will help you earn authority on the topic, landing you on the top of the search results page. 

It has to follow the best SEO practices available. And this is where our SEO performance marketing services come in handy, to ensure that the content has quality backlinks, the right keywords and other technical SEO techniques to make it rank higher.

Evergreen content maintenance

After you have successfully created a piece of evergreen content that ranks, you have to perform maintenance on it to make sure that you don’t lose the authority you have worked so hard to attain. 

Maintenance requires minimal updates or refreshing every now and then to ensure the content still has relevancy. Let’s clear the confusion here; the topic itself will always be relevant, but some of the information might not necessarily be relevant. For example, you might find a more relevant keyword to add two years after you published the post. Alternatively, you could need to provide new stats or need to add a new backlink if an old one is broken or is no longer relevant. This doesn’t mean that the blog has lost its relevancy; it’s simply giving it a boost with fresh information.

The most important thing to remember when working with evergreen content is to create content that your readers cannot find anywhere else on the internet. 

Final thoughts 

We’ve established that evergreen content is important; therefore requires a thorough content strategy to make sure it will get done. 

And, while the benefits of evergreen content are measurable over time, it’s often frustrating for business owners and managers who don’t fully quite grasp the complexities of SEO to hear that the results will not show overnight. 

Patience needs to be exercised in this regard. As long as you’ve enlisted the help of specialists who offer the best content marketing services, your business will reap the rewards of evergreen content.

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