We’re Drupal developers.

We’ve specialised in Drupal since 2008 and over the years we’ve become South Africa’s leading Drupal development agency. While we work for local companies, the majority of our work is for organisations based in Europe. Talk to one of our Drupal experts today. 

We're a Drupal development agency that can design and build bespoke, Drupal Commerce and business websites for your company. Contact us today. 

{245+} delivered projects
{100%} entire team is Acquia certified
{50+} Drupal meetups attended
{12+} community contributions
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Can Drupal work for you?



Its modular framework means Drupal is the most scaleable enterprise content management system. And its inventory of modules is constantly being upgraded by a community of 1m+ Drupal users.


Ease of use

Drupal 8 comes with a simplified WYSIWYG editor for authors, is fully responsive delivering an enhanced mobile browsing experience, and has a straightforward integration protocol.


Cost efficient and secure

Not only is Drupal one of the most secure content management systems, but because it’s open source it’s license free, providing users with significant long term cost of ownership benefits.

Why appoint Rogerwilco’s Drupal team

Cross functional team

We employ a large team of specialists within our development division - from business analysts to dedicated web designers, UX specialists to front end developers and sys admins to back end coders. Their work is managed by a process oriented traffic and project management team.

Specialist skills are honed through a mandatory CPD programme and active involvement in the broader Drupal community.

Agile development

We follow an agile development methodology that sees formal systems analysis and prototyping preceding the development process. Projects are split into sprints and the team holds daily standups to review functional components.

These are subjected to rigorous acceptance testing protocols prior to release to ensure we deliver on time and on budget.

Conversion focused

We’re different to most other web developers in that we have a large, multi-award winning team of digital marketing consultants working alongside our coders, designers and business analysts.

That means we take the time to think about how you’ll get visitors to your site, what should happen when they arrive there and how you can best optimise for conversion.