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Drupal Development

We’re Drupal web developers. 

We nailed our colours to the Drupal mast back in 2008 (we were still known as 2Stroke in those days), when we first discovered how extensible and popular this open source content management system was becoming. And we've been grateful for that decision ever since.

In recent years Drupal, and its commercial arm, Acquia, has become recognised as one of the world’s most proficient content management systems, drawing plaudits from Gartner and Forrester alike (read our blog post on their latest reviews here).  

Over the last decade we've built websites for hundreds of organisations in the enterprise, ecommerce and NGO spaces and, today, we take great pride in being South Africa’s largest Drupal agency. 

Roughly half of our work is for South African businesses while the balance of our Drupal projects come from organisations in the EU and UK who view us a cost-competitive and high quality alternative to local agencies.

There are many reasons enterprises like General Electric, Pfizer, eBay, Tesla and Virgin use Drupal. Chief among them are:


Its modular construction means it’s the most scaleable of the enterprise content management systems. And because its base and its inventory of modules is constantly being upgraded by a global community of 1m+ Drupal developers and users, new backward compatible features will be added to the core code base of the system on an ongoing basis.

Ease of Use

Rightly or wrongly, Drupal has been castigated in the past for being really tough to use. However, the latest release, Drupal 8, comes with a simplified WYSIWYG editor for authors, is fully responsive delivering an enhanced mobile browsing experience, and has a straightforward integration protocol, enabling it to interface with 3rd party programmes and applications with ease. That means your IT team can work with the back end while your marketing team can load content with minimal training.

Cost Efficiency

Drupal is open source and is thus license free. Avoiding the need to pay for expensive proprietary software licensing has significant long term cost of ownership benefits

Enterprise Features

From multisite capabilities (meaning multiple business units can have unique websites that are controlled by a single dashboard and run off a single code base) to its moderation features, Drupal is packed with features designed around the needs of big business. It even has decoupled capabilities, which can serve a front end completely separate from the CMS. This can convert your website into a web application ensuring your web presence can change as the digital landscape changes.

Acquia Certified Developers

As part of our commitment to delivering a quality product we require all of our developers to attain vocational certifications - our entire team is Acquia certified - and we work hard to involve ourselves in the local and international Drupal scene, hosting local Drupal meetups, sponsoring the main South African Drupal Camps and participating in the global Drupal Association where we have many commits to our name.

Agile Development

We follow an agile web development methodology that sees formal systems analysis and prototyping preceding the development process. Projects are split into sprints and the team holds daily standups to review functional components. These are subjected to rigorous acceptance testing protocols prior to release to ensure we deliver on time and on budget.

Conversion Focused

Although we’re big on creative, we don’t do pretty for pretty’s sake. Function and form have to work together. And we never forget that we’re not designing for ourselves, or even for you. We’re designing for your customers. That means significant effort is applied to user experience modelling to ensure your target audience take the actions you want them to.

We’re also different to most other web developers in that we have a large team of digital marketing consultants working alongside our coders, designers and business analysts. That means we take the time to think about how you’ll get visitors to your site, not just what it must do when they get there.

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