8 reasons to consider Drupal 8 for your next website

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 09:17

From its humble roots as a university intranet project, Drupal is now a leading web application framework. It's relied on by business leaders, trusted by technology professionals and developed by a worldwide open-source community.

Drupal 8 is the latest iteration, providing the best technical foundation to date.
But is it suitable for your next digital project? Spoiler alert: yes.

Mobile first
In a world where mobile dominates the web, Drupal 8 has taken the necessary steps to be mobile first. Drupal 8’s new UI is built with responsive design at the forefront, ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices.

Versatile content architecture
Drupal’s greatest strength is managing content. From content creation, using the integrated what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor (WYSIWYG), to displaying a preview of content displayed in any context on your website. Customising content publishing based on your business’ requirements is simple using Drupal’s built-in workflow and authoring features.

Powerful, feature-rich
Out of the box, Drupal 8 has over 200 features and advancements, many direct integrations of the most popular contributed modules in Drupal 7, including Views, CKeditor and Date modules. Additional core features are added with every major release every 6 months.

Easy, intuitive content editing
Drupal 8 provides modern tools to content creators, enabling them to do what they do best. They can keep content and campaigns on schedule, with content that can be reviewed, edited and approved on-the-go from iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Dedicated security
Drupal provides a proven platform that stands up against critical internet vulnerabilities and is relied on for mission-critical sites and applications operated by leading brands, corporates and governments. Drupal features a dedicated team of security professionals who constantly test its codebase against the most demanding standards in the world, rapidly responding to threats and quickly coordinating fixes through advisories and patch updates.

Multilingual – translate everything
Supporting over 90 languages, Drupal 8 provides full translation support for both administrators and customers, allowing for dynamic web applications with language-based displays, including content translation workflows.

Embracing OOP
While maintaining the same basic structure as previous versions, Drupal 8 – now built on Symfony2 – leverages a number of advanced PHP language features and concepts, including the well-established best practices of Object Oriented Programming. The shift from procedural code to OOP has allowed Drupal to provide a modern enterprise-ready architecture as its foundation, enabling projects to be easily grown and maintained through re-usable code and standardised debugging.

Content everywhere
Once upon a time, digital content had a singular purpose: get published to a web page and be viewed by a desktop browser. Content now demands flexibility. It needs to flow freely to native apps, web-enabled devices, social networks and other third party sites. Drupal 8 provides this content-as-a-service approach through its RESTful API, enabling developers to create engaging user experiences, regardless of platform.

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