2023 CX Insights: A Failed State of CX

Thu, 21/09/2023 - 16:15

As we near the end of the 2023 CX report, there has been a lot of discussion around consumer satisfaction and the experiences consumers have when engaging with brands. Amongst everything discussed, consumer satisfaction, loyalty and retention have been the most significant topics. But what does this look like across various industry vertices?

Looking at levels of consumer satisfaction across various industry verticals, including their perception of the quality of service and experience offered by government departments, we have noticed that the State receives the worst review amongst the 10 chosen sectors.

Statistics show that 50% of consumers are either dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with the service delivery of the State. While 27% are neutral, 23% report being satisfied or extremely satisfied.

While the State receives the worst review, sectors like food and groceries are thriving, with approximately 71% of consumers agreeing that they are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the service delivery.


Though the State sector and the food/grocery sector are wildly different, it appears that in both sectors, one positive experience can outweigh many negative experiences. Jennifer Coetzee, from BNP Paribas, states:

Everything is focused on the needstate and satisfying it quickly.”

When businesses are faced with issues of the State, such as the infamous loadshedding, they find that although consumers are frustrated, they are understanding and forgiving but this does not give companies an excuse not to have mitigations in play to combat the issue. A few of the consumers have admitted that they will seek out companies that have provisions in place rather than ones that don’t


Overall, failures of the State have impacted businesses in South Africa for many years. Still, because consumers are so forgiving, it is no longer an excuse businesses can use not to deliver stellar service.

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