3 ways guest blogging can help you grow your audience

Tue, 15/05/2018 - 09:40

If you’re aware of the benefits that blogging can generate for your business, then guest blogging is the next step towards success. Put simply, guest blogging is one of the most misunderstood digital marketing tactics for blog content. While it’s been around for years, it’s still a grey area for many businesses. 

Guest blogging can help you build authority for your content, for free. Sounds quite odd? Why put plenty of creative energy into a blog piece and then give it away to someone else to benefit from it? It’s worth it. Your content will become known in the industry and your digital presence will go from zero to hero. 

How to start guest blogging?

The purpose of blogging is to produce relevant and consistent content for your readers. And, while it might not seem that way with some business’ poor content variety, customers want to read information that builds trust. With such an overload of content and online competition, Google decides which content they’re going to feature. To be selected, your content needs to include intercontextual marketing and keywords. 

Once you’ve produced high-quality content that you want your customers to read, you’re one step away from reaping the benefits of guest blogging. Now, there are three main goals for guest blogging, namely positioning yourself as an authority in the industry, diverting readers (or traffic) who are reading your content back to your website, and building backlinks to your website. With the right kind of content, on a handful of well-known, reputable blogging sites, you can achieve all three of these benefits with ease. 

When you decide to look for posting opportunities, make sure you send your content to blog sites that are relevant to your niche and industry. If you’ve been doing some online reading, you’ll quickly become familiar with names of people or companies which post as guests on popular sites.

Here are a few benefits that guest blogging can do for your content:

Reach more specific audiences

Having poorly written content is a disaster. Regardless of the keywords you use, you need to have a specialist content team or digital performance agency who can assist you in developing the right content to attract your customers. Because, at the end of the day, your entire blog needs to be built around your target audience. Simply posting content and hoping for the best is a dead approach, which is why guest blogging is such a brilliant way to leverage already established blog sites to reach your audience. In other words, you’ll be able to ‘steal’ an audience for your site which benefits you, and your quality content benefits them. It’s a real win-win situation when you have the right approach and team to back you. 

Improve your SEO efforts with backlinks

As you know, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the foundation of any successful digital strategy. Whether your objective is to improve your reach, grow your audience, convert more leads or more, you’ll be able to achieve all of these goals once your site ranks high on Google. And, in order to do that, your guest blogging content needs to backlink to your website. When a well-known guest blogging site starts to feature your content, Google starts to become familiar with your site and starts to consider it as important. The more backlinks your content has, the higher your page will rank in Google Search. 

While the beginning phases might be touch and go before you develop a guest blogging SEO strategy, the more you punt your content to other sites, the more organic and referral traffic you’ll attract to your website’s blog. On the back of your strategy, make sure your content goes to a specific page. It cannot simply link through to your homepage because that won’t do your content any justice. If you’re linking a keyword or phrase to a competition, special or something specific, then create landing pages for your guest blogs to backlink to. This will direct more traffic to your site and convert more leads. 

Build authority for your business

It’s no secret that it’s going to be tough to get your content noticed in the beginning, but you need to keep pushing. Especially because it’s a ‘free’ opportunity, guest blogging sites need to be careful of the content they accept from outsourced companies. Anything negative and unfit for Google could damage their reputation. But, once you start getting published, more people will become familiar with your content and recommend it to other connections in the industry. If you need help getting your name out there, try partnering up with with a digital agency like Rogerwilco in Durbanville. Having high-quality content is really where it starts, and the more your business grows, the bigger your social and online presence will be. It’s a worthwhile process for any business. 

Final thoughts

Your guest blogging success is determined by the quality of your content. Once you’ve got the basics right, guest blogging is an effective marketing tactic that can bring you measurable results in the future. 

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