5 major content marketing trends for 2020

Wed, 11/12/2019 - 15:21

SEO and content are moving in an exciting direction – and fast. These two, completely integrated departments have proven to be the foundation of a solid search marketing strategy that reaps long-term rewards. While there have been a handful of disconnects in the past, 2020 promises rich, useful content that is aligned with your customers’ unique search needs. With access to the latest tools and deep insights, content creators will be able to leverage new, and more, information that will enable them to strategise smart and create content that resonates in many ways.

Let’s take a look at a few content trends you can expect over the upcoming years.

Eye-catching visuals in content

It’s no surprise that people get bored easily – be it while watching videos or reading; anything that requires long periods of concentration. Businesses assume that they’ve mastered the art of connecting with their customers, but data has clearly shown that people want to see fewer words and more dynamic visuals. Millennials and Generation-Z customers prefer visual content over words. These are the generations that rely on digital content to exist, so, take it from us: the branded visual opportunities are endless; just work with the best digital performance marketing agency.

Video content with storytelling

In the past couple of years, video has taken the content marketing landscape by storm. Customers have been spoilt with interactive visuals that are engaging and memorable. So, based on these successes, businesses are encouraged to dabble in the augmented reality (AR) space to tell a new, creative story. When you’ve appealed to an audience with your existing content, you are likely to catch their attention when you test out a new medium. Loyal customers are committed to the brand, and the ‘fun’ content is merely a bonus. So, experiment with content and find the type of information that truly connects your customers. Not every type of media will positively influence your business, so it’s best to explore various options before you simply jump onto the bandwagon and implement the latest trend.

Website content that is aligned with E-A-T

Most companies think they’re creating content that Google likes; however, this content is not creating authority in a particular field. Put simply, E-A-T refers to expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This type of content needs to be created in such a way that it gives customers the best possible brand experience, as Google will only promote these websites. The E-A-T approach can be improved by earned mentions from authoritative websites, external linking to support factual information and updating your content regularly. Whether you’re a brand, author or an agency, it’s crucial to incorporate these search ranking factors into your web copy to stay relevant and authentic.

Contextual content that delivers a clear purpose

In the digital space, it’s humanly impossible to keep up with multiple content channels while producing engaging, purposeful content. Thankfully, artificial resources have made it easier for businesses to automate content and offer a helping hand where needed. These tools enable businesses to learn more about their customers by tapping into data that records their activity, behaviour, interests and needs. When you learn that the customers’ needs come first, you will be able to create content that is directly aligned with their expectations. In 2020 and beyond, your content needs to be contextually optimised, allowing readers and Google to clearly understand the intent of the content. If you do choose to create long-form, evergreen content, try and focus on complex topics that require more depth.

A customer-centric approach to content marketing

The more complex and competitive content becomes, the harder it will be to rank in Google. By saying this, you should take this as an opportunity to explore new content mediums and ways in which you can meet your customers’ needs before your own. It’s a no-brainer that businesses want to push marketing, but the right content can speak to a customer more than any sales trick can. With loads of content available on the internet, customers can easily switch between brands, without building trust. In these moments, you need to try and capture your customers with authentic content that is deeply aligned with their search requests and content needs. Do your research and find out what really makes your customers tick. This will help you create targeted content that delivers results.

Quality over quantity

Numbers are great, but numbers that convert are even better.

Focus on creating content that is geared towards building trust, and forget about the tricks. Consider ways to integrate content channels, and try to put the customer at the heart of everything you do. By partnering with a digital marketing agency in Cape Town like Rogerwilco, you will be able to reach your content goals. Our digital marketing strategy services will provide you with a clear roadmap to becoming a differentiator, and gamechanger in your industry.

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