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Performance Marketing

As performance marketing specialists, we help companies use digital marketing to build brand awareness, to acquire and to retain customers. In a measurable manner.

Doing this well has meant we’ve built long term collaborative relationships with our clients. It’s also won us many awards.

To perform optimally, we need to understand data, which is why most of our team are Analytics certified. That’s not to brag, but to say we’ll listen to your needs and do the math for you. 


All interventions start with strategy - we need to understand your business, its goals and we need to plan how we’ll attain them.

Once a plan has been defined, we’ll then deploy the tactics that are most likely to help you achieve your objectives. These could include:


With more SEO awards and certifications than any other agency in South Africa we’ve the know-how and passion to elevate your website’s rankings. Read more about our SEO services.

Paid Media

As a Google partner for best part of a decade, we have the skills and insights to configure and manage your paid search and broader media campaigns. Read more about our PPC and paid marketing services

Social Media

Effective social is all about engagement. And that requires quality assets that have just the right amount of boosting and influencer push. Read more about our Social Media marketing and management services.

Content Marketing

Our writers and designers will produce consistent brand-enhancing content that speaks to your customers directly. Read more about our content marketing and writing services.

Customer Relationship Management

Understanding where your prospects are in their buying cycle is key to building long-lasting value enriching relationships. Our CRM team has the know how. Find our more about our customer relationship management services

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Many factors can influence a prospect’s decision to purchase. Our conversion rate optimisation specialists will increase the likelihood of your audience making the right decision. Find out how CRO optimisation can help your business.

Need Assistance with Performance Marketing?

Rogerwilco’s digital team is ready to solve your performance marketing challenges.