5 UX lessons that should be applied for every content campaign

Wed, 04/11/2020 - 09:58

As a top digital marketing and design agency in South Africa, we pride ourselves in delivering data-inspired content marketing strategies that complement our clients’ online presence. If executed and optimised well, your content has the power to attract, engage and convert your audience.

While “content” is available through a variety of different channels, namely, SEO blogs, social media, paid advertising, videos - and the list goes on - it doesn’t stop there. You need to marry it with user experience (UX) to see long-term results. UX and content both have an impact on how people feel; they both have the ability to provoke an action online. It can be overwhelming trying to achieve success in both regions, which is why you should consult a specialist agency like us. 

At Rogerwilco, we know that any successful digital marketing approach will have its challenges, but with the right hands, you’ll get the return on investment (ROI) you paid for. To find out how UX in digital marketing can benefit and improve customer experience, read below for our tips.  

Website accessibility is key for your website content 

UX is about behaviour, emotions and the attitude of your customers. Those three factors matter, as it is what will make someone purchase your product or service. Your digital platform needs to be easy-to-use so that your customers can confidently navigate your site without any disruptions. No matter how relevant your content is, if your customers struggle to interact with it, it won't make a difference. Organisations, therefore, need to ensure they have zero website accessibility issues that will hinder a customers journey. So, before going ahead with a content marketing effort ensure the following criteria are met.

  • Your business's website speed is fast as any delays can frustrate a website visitor, causing them to leave without even going through your content. 
  • The site's navigation is simple to use if you have content you wish to push to make sure it's easy for your customers to find. 
  • All important content and information are available the minute your visitor lands on your page. Do not make your visitor have to work hard to view this information. 
  • Create content that is easy to read, with a background colour and text that does not frustrate a visitor. 

Content and user experience should always work together 

To get more traffic, you need to have both; an issue-free website with quality content. As a design agency in Cape Town, we understand that sleek, trendy web design isn’t the only thing a website needs. It needs contextually relevant copy that is customer-centric; it must focus on attracting the visitor and solidifying that your business as the solution to their problems. So, a lesson to apply to your content campaign is to always ensure that your user interface design is on par with the quality of content you produce. 

Readability is key 

UX is all about good customer experience. Your blog posts must be readable and easy for people on your site to understand. A few lessons from us, UX experts in Cape Town for your content campaign is to:

  • Be concise.
  • Use large readable fonts.
  • Have sufficient headings.
  • Keep it clean and remove any distractions. 
  • Have negative spaces.
  • Have appropriate colour contrast.

These key factors to consider will ensure your potential customer’s leave your site well informed and ready to become a customer. 

Always minimise any distractions 

One UX lesson that should always be applied to any content campaign is minimising any distractions. This will help keep your potential and existing customers’ focus on what you want them to see. 

Having too many distractions can affect your conversions, as customers won’t have a clear call-to-action (CTA) or path to purchase. To ensure you minimise distraction make sure no pop-ups are coming through when they're going through the content. For example, pop-up messages or videos can be irritating, especially when it's unrelated. With all your content pieces make sure you stick to one topic that has a call-to-action (CTA) and internal links to where you would like to send the visitor.

Know and understand your customers well 

Knowing your customer is essential for any marketing strategy. But this is especially important for UX and your content strategy. How will you know that the experience you're giving is what your visitor wants, or if the content you produce is aligned with your ideal customer audience? You must get to know your target market by creating buyer personas. This will help you understand what your market wants. When creating your buyer personas, do research on the following:

  • Personal background.
  • Demographics.
  • Shopping preference; online or instore. 
  • Pain points and how you can solve them. 
  • Their hobbies and interests. 
  • Their challenges and objections. 

This will help you target any type of digital user and help improve your business's chances of getting a sale as you will be able to give your customers content that is relatable, relevant and meets their expectations. 

Final thoughts

At Rogerwilco, we understand that departments work on different things, but when they work together, they can offer customers more. Whether you are looking for copywriting services in Cape Town or e-commerce development services, we offer top digital marketing services in South Africa. To learn more about your brand’s potential, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your marketing needs. 


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