Brochure websites aren’t dying but here’s why you need integrated solutions

Tue, 14/04/2020 - 09:56

Over the years, the marketing industry has moved away from traditional marketing. Take websites, for example. A few years ago, a static brochure website that only offered an organisation’s basic information was the “in” thing to boost your business’s online presence. 

However, times have changed, and it’s crucial to go over and above for your customer, especially in such a competitive space. Although SMEs can get away without having integrated solutions, larger enterprises can benefit as it will help you capitalise on opportunities and retain loyal customers. 

If you’re unsure what integrated solutions entail for your website, here’s a brief explanation. In short, integration means linking your website to third party systems like email marketing solutions, alternative payment processing, lead management systems, personalisation engines. All these systems will ensure you have an intuitive, seamless website for your customers. To mention a few, your website can have email marketing programs, lead management systems, personalisation engines and adtech. Now, this is not to say a static website brochure isn’t relevant anymore, as it does have its benefits. 

For example; they are more affordable to develop, maintain, and are great for small businesses. Your business will still have relevant information for your customers to view, and you can even rank on search engines. But, the benefits that come with integrated solutions completely change the ball game. In 2020, you need more than a foundation: you need a website that goes above and beyond to get your customers to purchase a product or service while providing your customer with relevant information on your business. 
With an integrated solution, you can have a website that:

Provides a seamless customer experience

As an organisation, you understand that having the top of the range product won’t set you apart, especially in the age of the customer. Having a seamless customer experience is what sets you apart. Now, you won’t be providing today’s customers with the best experience on a static website as there’s barely any interaction unless they contact you. No, you need to ensure you understand your customer and support them throughout their journey. This will ensure your brand remains on their minds and lips whether they’re online or offline. 

Help to improve sales

As we all know, business is all about numbers. And integrating your website with your CRM will help to produce the correct data leads to better your profile. Integrated solutions help your organisation to obtain better-quality leads which can be converted to high conversion rates. Unlike a brochure, when you integrate your website, the sales process becomes shorter and faster. The main reason behind this is that your website will be able to capture the necessary data onto the system during the first contact with the potential lead.  

This then already gives your team enough valuable data that they can work with. Which ultimately boils down to getting faster and better conversion rates. Giving your prospective consumers the bare minimum of a brochure website with your company’s information may have helped in the past. But with digital marketing, the competition is high, so you need to have a website that helps you to retain customers the minute they land on your website. 

Brings organic traffic to your website

Having a website does not mean people will automatically come to your site. And even if you have paid traffic, organic traffic still has a long-standing benefit to your business. Now, most static websites do not have recent content on their website. And with Google’s update about relevant content, having a static website with barely any content will impact your traffic. With integrated solutions, you can easily add CMS to your site; allowing you to make changes, add more content, streamline workflow and get better SEO rankings. Allowing you to keep up with your market and ensure your website produces relevant information that Google will see and pull up when people search for a product or service relevant to your business. 

Help influence your visitor behaviour

Of course, when a visitor goes onto your website, you have an expectation. And, even with a brochure website, you still have the expectation of wanting the visitor to call back so that it leads to a sale. Now, with integration, you can influence the behaviour of visitors. 

You can provide clear direction rather than offering information aimlessly and waiting for them to decide what to do next. For example, having web forms will initiate a conversation with the visitor, which is exactly what you need, thus influencing behaviour. If you aren’t telling or guiding visitors to what you want, there is a high possibility that they will leave your website, which leads to a high bounce rate; something you don’t want. And, although customers may not see that, you can influence their behaviour by the site speed, the content on the website, your call to action, trustworthiness, and what you offer will. 

Well, that about sums up why you need integrated solutions. And, now that you understand why you need integrated solutions, why don’t consult with leading web development companies in Cape Town like Rogerwilco? You’re guaranteed top-performing drupal web developers who will make sure your website continues to add value to your bottom line. 

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