Digital Analysis and the Importance Thereof

Thu, 15/03/2012 - 00:00

When many people think about Digital Analysis they think about a one-click-download report on your websites progress- but this is simply data. Only once this data has been reviewed, expanded and reiterated into specific, realistic, achievable, measurable and time oriented business-driven goals can it truly be called analysis. This would also only then be on the one digital platform (website), but digital analysis needs to occur across all platforms as well as often branching into non-digital mediums.

Jason Burby breaks analysis into what he feels it is

  • Goal Oriented - Too often people start looking at data without understanding the initiatives specific goals and business drivers. Unfortunately, many companies skip this step assuming it’s obvious, which it never is. The top goal may be obvious, but the waters get muddy after that. The foundation of all great analysis is to ensure that goals are defined and that you’re conducting analysis based on improving the initiatives’ performance against those goals.
  • Actionable - Good analysis drives action. It isn’t just looking at how you did last week or last month but drives improvement. Analysis must be delivered in a way that it entices recipients to take action and make changes.
  • Insightful - Think differently. Consider different perspectives.
  • Impactful - Focus where the biggest potential upside is.
  • Change-based - Again, work with the intent to drive changes to an initiative.
  • Inclusive - Make sure you consider the big picture, not just one audience segment, one site page, or one type of data.
  • Ongoing - Good analysis is conducted on an ongoing basis. As people make changes based on your recommendations, you must continually reanalyze to identify additional opportunities and evaluate the changes made.
  • Difficult - Analysis isn’t easy and not every hour you spend pouring through data will deliver a nugget that can change the site. It’s hard to find experienced people who can combine the data and truly uncover insightful recommendations rather than just repeat the data.

All in all Digital Analysis can be a tricky process so we suggest you outsource it to a Digital Marketing Agency with professionals who can be solely responsible for this aspect whilst you focus on increasing profit margins.

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