Five ways to use Twitter to increase your search visibility in Google

Mon, 15/06/2020 - 09:14

Welcome to digital marketing in 2020; a time where SEO and social media are finally “allowed” to feature in the same sentence. Five years ago, this topic was painted with a controversial brush, but times have evolved, and it is no longer the case. Content in its entirety and SEO coexist and feed off one another. And for what it’s worth, we should be thanking Google’s algorithm for making it possible.

While social media is by no means a direct ranking factor for search, it does open the door for increased visibility. If a social channel is driving traffic or referrals to your website, you’re indirectly improving your search performance. Out of all the social channels, Google has supported Twitter a great deal by indexing tweets in real-time for customers who are searching with a similar intent. Not to mention, Twitter is a highly recommended marketing tool for business to business (B2B) companies looking to gain exposure with the right audience. So, let’s take a look at how social, particularly Twitter, can benefit your business and help Google identify your business as a credible, authoritative source. 

Gain brand awareness in your industry 

Google has started featuring company tweets in a carousel format. This is a great way to share your most recent tweets on Google without customers having to click-through into the app or onto your website. Of course, that is what you want, but it still doesn’t take away from what customers are learning about your brand in a simple Google search. If more brands factored this into their Twitter social media strategy, they could piggyback off this feature to show current customers exactly what they’re about. If you utilise social listening tools, it will also make it easier to acquire new customers based on what they’re searching for. If you think about it; this is massive. Essentially, Google is giving you direct control over what people see or experience with your brand. And even though social media is considered to be a personal platform for users, certain industries can really leverage Twitter to humanise their brand and build awareness that cannot always be communicated on a website. 

Make the most of your Twitter carousel 

Continuing from my previous point; you can use your Twitter carousel as a place to display premium content that will help you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. To add to that, you can also inject bursts of personality into your brand via Twitter, helping customers to understand the complexities of your business in easily digestible content snippets. To gain traction via your carousel, it’s important to identify current conversations in the market and jump onto the bandwagon. 

Grab the attention of your customers with interesting information that is relevant to them. Follow accounts and industry hashtags that apply to your offerings and start engaging with others.

*Note: it is recommended that you encourage your employees to engage with your page as well. 

Stay active and consistent 

Social media is not a once-off effort. If you want to leverage your account to gain visibility in Google search, you need to remain consistent and active online. It’s important to note that social media success does not happen overnight; it takes months and years of dedication. Each tweet has a goal attached to it; it’s not just a pastime as a company. To add to that, customers rely on consistency. They use consistent tweets and high followings as trustworthy factors. The minute you stop tweeting, stop growing your audience and disappear, they’ll forget about you and look to your competitors. 

Consider paid ads alongside your organic search strategy 

You need to promote content that matters. Well, you might be wondering what “type” of content matters if all content matters? The answer is evergreen content. News or seasonal content does not have the potential to become evergreen; therefore, you should direct your budget into long-term opportunities. Once you promote a post with a link, Google will notice the link; positively affecting your rankings. Over time, your article will be picked up via search engines, and your business will gain online success.

Don’t forget to optimise  

As part of Google’s Best Practice Guidelines, content should always be contextually relevant to your topic. If Google crawls a piece of content and is immediately able to understand what the article is about, it will benefit your brand’s search rankings significantly. So, with your Twitter bio, the trick is to optimise it and ensure it is descriptive. Make sure you accurately describe your business in your bio as you would on your website. This will help you to show up on the first page of Google.

That’s a wrap  

It’s impossible to master Google’s algorithm; with over 200 ranking factors, their content requirements are forever changing. There are multiple ways to increase your visibility, and while social media is not directly aligned with this goal, if you have the right search marketing agency to assist you, your brand can use social to grow from strength to strength. Consider our social media marketing services at Rogerwilco, and find out how you can start reaping the benefits of Twitter in organic search. 

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