How low-code software can inspire digital transformation in your business

Tue, 29/10/2019 - 10:22

Digital transformation has fast become a buzzword in business. This powerful phrase encompasses many meanings, some of which business owners fail to recognise when they’ve got their blinkers on. 

Beyond the transformation element, it refers to your business’s mindset towards digital innovation. Gartner refers to this process as “anything from IT modernisation (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimisation, to the invention of new digital business models.” In essence, it’s the adoption of automated tools that can help your business save time, increase productivity and inspire collaboration. 

Kill two birds at once 

In addition to recent artificial developments, low-code has jumped head-first into this territory and disrupted industries for the better. SMEs and large organisations can maximise this drag-and-drop approach to software development, integrating multiple user interfaces (UI) into one application. 

A benefit – if not the most significant benefit – of low-code development is that users are not required to have any coding knowledge to access, create and build applications. By empowering unskilled employees to update functionalities, optimise and tweak business applications in real-time, you enable skilled developers to achieve faster satisfaction and turnaround on heavy-coding projects.

Here are a few ways that low-code can inspire digital transformation: 

Discover the cost-effectiveness of low-code software 

If you’re considering low-code software, you will be pleased to know that this concept makes use of a visual design format rather than a coding syntax. Now, employees with vastly different skillsets can access a shared application’s interface and contribute to the development process in real-time.

This next-generation tool is an affordable web solution for application development. It enables employees to complete tasks fast without having to consult with developers on their availability. Providing users with prebuilt functionalities and ‘building blocks’, businesses can meet ever-changing objectives on-demand, and improve digital environments without having to change infrastructure.  

Create omnichannel experiences with a flexible tool  

Give your customers the personalised user experience they want, and expect, from your business. Low-code software has changed the game for customer experience, making it possible for businesses to implement omnichannel experiences for their customers. You can monitor your interactions with your customers and actively implement new structures and processes effortlessly; when it matters. This performance marketing tool has helped businesses to scale their applications according to insights, and move fast to develop better user interfaces that reflect their customers’ needs. 

Boost your bottom line with automation  

If you want to see an improvement in your digital marketing efforts, consider automation software. With so many options available to you, the question is not whether you should embrace this approach to digital transformation, but rather how automation technology can be used to drive revenue growth.  

Low-code software has opened the doors for business owners to eliminate code-heavy equipment and work smarter at a fraction of the usual cost. From automating workflow to reducing human error and improving customer experiences, this safe drag-and-drop process will make your life easier. It will also free up time for employees to work on projects that demand human expertise and attention. 

Out with the old and in with the new  

To succeed in the digital age, your business needs to adopt a mindset that encourages innovation and scaling. Low-code software can help your business achieve a customer-centric approach that will support your digital performance marketing goals and transform your online business. If you need guidance in this department, digital performance marketing consultants can suggest, and implement, the best solution for your business’s operations. A specialist agency’s support will put your customers at the heart of their approach and work quickly to solve your digital headaches in a matter of days!

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