How to use copywriting principles to create a winning chatbot

Tue, 09/10/2018 - 10:00

When creating a dialogue for your chatbot, the goal is to try and have it communicate in the same type of chit chat language we use in real-life conversations. It needs to be natural, catchy and compelling. 

A chatbot is the face of your business. It’s the customer experience you provide your customers with when you’re not connecting with them on a face-to-face level. In essence, it’s what you rely on to add value to your business, online and in real-time. It reflects your business’ purpose through the interactions it has with your customers. Therefore, the content you provide needs to be as exciting as your business is in reality. The last thing you want is for your chatbot to give new, and existing, customers a lifeless, boring experience that destroys the initial interest they had in your products or services.  

Don’t give them a reason to leave the chat

Much like the intent behind creating digital content that converts, you should use the same approach when creating content for your chabot. These tried-and-tested tips will help you to create a fun chatbot script that will keep your customers happy, excited and wanting to engage with your business. 

Add some personality to your chatbot

Customers are demanding and they expect a particular experience with a brand. If they don’t receive it, they automatically switch off and move onto a new, similar business which can (hopefully) offer them a better experience for their time. With chatbots, it’s important to try and give yours a personality. One that customers can become familiar with and identify your business with. If you add a touch of personality and humour here and there, you will be able to capture a customer’s attention and keep them interested. 

Some changes can be as simple as “hey” instead of “hello” or “hi”. You need to write and speak like a human, and try to eliminate the boring formal approach where possible. Keep conversations casual, chatty and avoid using complex terminology. Any type of customer should be able to read your messages and understand you. Bear in mind that the type of personality you portray in your chatbot conversations needs to be directly aligned with your business’ purpose and voice. By adding some humour to your chatbot, you will be able to spark an interest for your customers. You don’t necessarily need to indulge in humour that you don’t usually use, but a snappy joke or pun will create a memorable experience. 

Do your research and mirror your industry’s needs

If you’re new to the chatbot world, do your research before putting together a chatbot dialogue. Or get in touch with the best digital marketing company for your content marketing needs. A specialist will be able to analyse your market, tone of voice and customers’ needs. And based on that, create a dialogue that is best suited for your audience. It’s important to do some research on your audience to see what type of language they use and what type of information they’re constantly looking for. For instance, if your business sells sports equipment and parts, you will likely be asked about the brands you stock. If your communication process is effective and informative, it will make the e-commerce process cycle seamless. 
Over time, you will be able to update your dialogue based on what you learn from your customers. 

Set one goal for the chat

Much like any content, you need to have a goal. Keep your conversation’s goal clear and concise. For example, is your goal to improve the e-commerce cycle and achieve more online sales? Or is your goal to simply provide your customers with a multilingual platform with 24-hour service? Whatever your goal is, make sure that your chatbot dialogue and foundation are built on your goal. Make the most of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot technology to help you achieve your goal and overall business objectives.

Keep content clear and to the point 

While your chatbot might be communicating with several people at once, it’s important to keep your content personalised and tailored to each specific user. This will make your customers feel special and valued. On the same note, keep your replies short and easy to digest for customers. Rather send separate messages, but monitor the amount as the notifications could frustrate customers. 

When you become familiar with your customers and how they communicate with your chatbot, you can keep surprising your customers by changing up your dialogue. If you update your chatbot according to different languages and marketing trends, you will be able to keep customers coming back for more.

Final thoughts

In today’s digital age, you either have to adapt your business model to meet ever-changing customer needs or be prepared to struggle. Customers have the power and by providing the customer experience they expect from you, you will be able to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your business. Chatbots and AI are here to stay, and if used correctly, they can offer your business several benefits

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