The latest in SEO – 14 August

Mon, 14/08/2017 - 07:48

It's that time of the week again! So, here's the latest in SEO news.

Will it boost your business to lower the perception of the competition?

In a world where competition is high and customer experience pivotal, it has made way for fake reviews on Google. 

Customer insights from Keyword research.
Keyword research isn't dead, but it has changed over the years. Columnist Stoney deGeyter shares how keyword research can be used to gain insights into the needs and interests of your potential customers.

Google advertisers were BLACKLISTED after they had intentionally exploited AdSense, which in turn drove down CPCs.
These ad buyers set irresponsible campaign parameters, which caused a decline in ad coverage and a drop in fill-rate. Google has confirmed they have blacklisted some ad buyers after they exploited their ad system,

Google does it again, AdWords mobile extensions get upgrades.
New changes to sitelink extensions will bring more usability to mobile, while also providing more real estate to the non-interactive extensions.

"The Google" will begin to start notifying sites with annoying ads.
As Google prepares to introduce a built-in ad blocker to its Chrome browser, the company says it will soon be notifying publishers with “annoying ads” that will end up getting blocked.

The truth about paid links in modern SEO.
Buying or selling links is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and will result in a penalty if you’re caught. However, that's "IF" you are caught, read more on this taboo practice.

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