Marketing myths your construction firm needs to ignore

by Lianda Dadlana
Thu, 14/01/2021 - 11:24

Do online marketing trends have a role to play in the construction industry? At a glance, this might seem like a silly question because it’s unfathomable that there would be an industry that wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of digital marketing. However, when you take a closer look, you’d realise that there’s a large number of people who don’t associate the two. 

This is evident in the myths that float around about digital marketing in construction. These range from ‘no need for websites’ to ‘social media doesn’t work for construction’. If this is true, how do construction companies beat their competition, increase sales and grow their businesses without the help of modern digital resources? 

While it would take a bit of digging for us to learn the answer to this question, in this article, we aim to lift the lid on the myths making rounds about digital marketing in the construction industry. With this, we’re hoping to help your construction firm see the value of digital marketing for construction.

Websites don’t matter

Some construction firms have the misconception that their customers don’t care about them having a website. And, because of many years of experience and success with word-of-mouth, this is understandable. However, websites are a valuable resource of information for customers who need your services. 

According to Statista, South Africa’s average monthly traffic on Google is 568 million visits. This data shows that more and more South Africans are getting access to the internet, and are using it to get answers to questions or find information. If you’re not in front of the customer, you won’t be able to communicate to them the value of your services, and that’s what having a website does for your brand. 

So, yes, websites do matter. You need to get started on a process to build one. A digital marketing agency with web development services is your go-to for this. Team up with professionals to ensure you build a website that will work with you to meet your business goals. A digital marketing agency will ensure that your website and online marketing strategies are helping you get and attract customers on the internet. If not, you’ll lose that traffic and find potentially valuable customers going to your competitor.

Today’s competition is intense. Simply having a website won't help you achieve your goals. You need a proactive approach to your website. Customers want websites to provide information, and for it to be a place they can trust when they need help. If that’s not you, they will look elsewhere. 

Competitors aren’t investing in digital marketing

While fancy billboards and quirky display ads work for certain industries, the rise of digital has upgraded marketing to a necessary effort that helps you attract, engage and delight your customers, regardless of the industry type. Marketing plans for construction companies need to add value to your bottom line by producing a return on investment (ROI). Once you realise the importance of digital marketing and how its fundamental aspects like SEO, quality content, social media management and knowing your ideal customer can help increase sales and drive traffic to your business, you’ll be on your way to taking the lead in your industry.

The industry is still profitable without marketing

While the construction industry is still relationship-based, you cannot ignore the profitable benefits that come with construction marketing strategies. The world is largely led by technology and not being a part of it won't help your business anymore. To see an increase in sales in your construction business, you need to work with the times. To keep up with your customers and stay relevant, you need a specialist SEO digital marketing agency like ours that offers; PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more. This is how you will stay relevant in a competitive environment.

Not only will your business stay relevant, but digital marketing for contractors will help show your potential and existing customers why they should continue to support your business or trust you even before they’ve contacted you. Now more than ever, you want to be on your customers’ minds throughout their buying journey because they hold all the buying power – even online. With a few clicks, your target market decides where they want to spend their money.

Social media isn’t for this industry

Throughout this article, we have mentioned social media marketing a few times, and there is a reason for that. Social media can be a powerful marketing channel for the construction industry and can help improve your customer experience. Social media can help your company clearly communicate its expertise, authority and help create a trusted relationship between your business and existing and potential customers. We know that many employees and business owners in construction might not be interested in running a social media account, not only because it’s time-consuming, but it can seem intimidating to someone who doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and skills to run it. 

At our agency, we have social media experts that will ensure your socials bring engagement, trust and customer advocacy. 

Final thoughts 

Digital marketing trends and strategies hold value for every industry. They’re about improving the customer journey and ensuring your business is successful on and offline. Believing myths and not working with a digital marketing strategy agency creates a lot of missed opportunities. To take your firm to new heights, contact a digital marketing agency for a construction company or a versatile and diversified agency like us here at Rogerwilco, and allow us to make you a success in the digital space. 


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