The purpose of a content audit in digital marketing

Mon, 24/08/2020 - 11:47

Over 4.4 million blogs are posted a day. That’s a ton of content. 

And how many of those articles are revisited months down the line? Probably not many.

With brands producing such high volumes of content on competitive, ranking topics, it’s integral to consult a marketing agency to review your content and its performance. If you haven’t established a strategy that meets your objectives, you’re wasting your time on content creation.

Well, why not conduct a website content audit? 

Digital marketing is ever-changing. If it’s not Google’s algorithms, it’s your customers’ behaviour or your competitors’ online activity. Either way, your marketing strategy needs to be adjusted to ensure it adds value. More specifically, attract customers and drive sales.

Put simply, a content audit is a strategic document that includes an inventory of your entire website’s content. From an auditing perspective, content marketers will evaluate your existing content according to your audiences, content quality, industry relevance, on-page SEO and more. From your blog posts to your landing pages, individual web pages and social media content, a professional will provide you with recommendations on how to improve. 

There are many reasons why your content might not be performing, and these are commonly linked to engagement metrics and search intent. In content marketing, the search element is crucial for your website to act as a marketing tool for your business. Content teams work hand-in-hand with SEO specialists to ensure that content meets Google’s Best Practice Guidelines, and of course, has the opportunity to build authority and rank in Google. 

In addition to a content audit, SEO specialists are often advised to provide a technical audit, which will crawl your website and deliver information such as indexation, site speed, broken links, 404 errors, redirects, user experience (UX) and layout, and structured markups.

It might sound overwhelming, so we have decided to break it down.

Understanding the value of a content audit 

Considering how quickly content becomes outdated, businesses need to think about how they can improve their organic growth with existing content. There are many ways to prolong your content’s lifespan, and conducting an audit with the right tools will help you achieve that. 

As it stands, roughly “93 percent of all online experience begins with a search engine.” This is a clear indication that brands should prioritise their content for search engines. So, here are three key reasons to consider an audit for your content marketing strategy.

A chance to give your content a fresh spin  

Maintenance is the key to long-term success. When you review old content, take the time to update links with new, relevant sources. Google always prioritises up-to-date content, so depending on how competitive your industry is, try and do this quarterly or half-yearly.

Make your keywords contextually relevant 

As you know, keyword rankings fluctuate wildly and frequently, so it’s important to monitor SEO tools and track these keywords. These tools can be anything from Google Analytics to SEMrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog and more. If you have a particular keyword set you want to maintain or rank for, you need to prioritise it and add semantic keywords to these phrases to increase ranking potential. In addition, always try and incorporate contextually relevant keywords that will help Google understand what your web page is about, as well as users. 

Another opportunity to achieve your revenue goals

High-quality content has the power to drive more sales and help you close more deals. But to achieve that, you need to understand what type of content to create, to improve its performance. Always review your content and find ways to monetise it for maximum potential. The more you consider SEO services and content marketing elements, the more traffic you will attract to your website. And of course, a boost in traffic can lead to conversions. 

Final thoughts 

As you try and adjust your content to deliver better results, there is no one-size-fits-all. And, of course, there is no overnight fix. You need to partner with a performance marketing agency like Rogerwilco, which can guide you through the process and offer specialist advice. 

If you don’t have clearly defined goals, you can easily lose track of your objectives without realising it. Our content marketing services are customised to help our clients reach their audiences and grow online. We’d be happy to guide you, step by step, either by conducting an audit on your website or consulting you on how to improve your approach. Together, we will help you make decisions that will guarantee business success in a digital age!


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