Setting up a Digital Marketing Strategy

Wed, 15/02/2012 - 00:00

While some companies still believe they don’t need to have a strong digital presence, and are capable of maintaining revenue growth, their market is moving online and with the number of online start-ups they are destined to lose a large portion of their customer base. What they don’t realize is that the opportunity is in their court to exponentially reduce cost and increase revenue, or as we at 2stroke Interactive like to say: “Sell More For Less!”

With having concluded that yes every successful organization does need a digital marketing strategy, you would be foolish to jump into bed with any Tom, Dick or Harry as an online solution provider. There are many aspects you as well as your digital marketing agency would need to consider before simply building a website or creating a social media page.

Defining your target market:As cliché as this may sound, it is cliché for a reason. The importance of having a clear, concise, detailed outlook on your prospective clients is imperative to any successful digital marketing campaign, whether social media or web development.

Ensuring a distinguishable, focused brand: Whatever you are selling, others are selling it too. Your brand needs to be uniquely identifiable by your target audience because as humans we will only notice the different. Once you have selected this route you need to stick to it and focus entirely on it, as nobody wants their customers having mixed feelings about their brand. This is a tricky aspect many organisations get wrong when executing a digital marketing strategy.

Analysing current industry leaders: Many people may call this “competitive analysis” or “defining competition”

but when you plan to venture digitally you should be aiming for the top spot (excuse the SEO pun). A good tactic to analyse these industry leaders would be to put together a chart indicating any findings you come across, this is particularly effective for comparison at a later stage once your digital strategy is in full swing.

Time for action: So you have all your background information, now you need to decide how to use it, whether it be developing a website, creating a social media page or simply distributing an email newsletter to your customer database.

Results, Reports, Remuneration: Possibly the most important aspect often left out of digital marketing strategies, a sort of “after-sales” service if you wish. You need to maintain customer relationships by responding to queries/complaints, have a tool to track & count newsletter effectiveness and monitor website activity. This way you will have a legitimate report on Return on Investment.

If you would like one of our Business Analysts to sit down and devise an incredible digital marketing strategy with you or whether you just want more information on one of the other topics mentioned here then please contact us.

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