Social impact partnerships in the alcohol industry

by Lianda Dadlana
Thu, 04/02/2021 - 15:44

While we may have finally made it through 2020, it would be premature to predict that 2021 will be less challenging than the year before. With the recent lockdown restrictions and the knock it has created in the alcohol industry, one needs to think of how they can continue to reach their bottom line even in times of uncertainty. 

According to this article, “alcohol restrictions hurt the sustainability within the liquor industry. It’s hard to ignore the reasons behind the new restrictions.” However, with the COVID-19 cases continuing to increase in the second wave, alcohol misuse has put a strain on an already weak healthcare system. This is why the alcohol industry has committed to partnering with the government to help save business and jobs within the industry. They have further committed to investing R150 million to assist the government in dealing with the challenges that come with alcohol misuse. 

As a digital marketing agency, we know the value that a positive social impact partnership can offer to amplify your marketing efforts. So, let’s take a look at how your business can benefit from this. 

Meet your consumers’ ever-changing needs

With information being more accessible, it has changed the way customers think on social issues. What used to be a few people questioning how things are done has now become something everyone cares to know and ask about. Customers want transparency when it comes to social issues, especially ones that are closer to home. But, more importantly, they want to know how your business or industry aims to help make a difference. When you look at business partnership examples, the alcohol industry has shown how they can change their attitude on social issues. South Africa’s alcohol consumption continues to put a wrench on a weak healthcare system, and the public is aware of this and is eagerly waiting to see what measures are being taken. With consumer behaviour changing, customers will support companies based on how they handle the sensitive issues they care about. This partnership shows consumers how the alcohol industry cares about South Africans’ well-being during this time of difficulty. This type of marketing strategy can only fuel the alcohol sector and help it score a few brownie points for a continuous boost in sales after the pandemic and restrictions. 

Create brand awareness

As a digital marketing consulting agency, we know the importance of brand awareness. While the alcohol industry has strong brand recognition, that is not to say change isn’t needed. Social impacts can assist your marketing efforts in creating awareness. Currently, alcohol is seen as a concern during the pandemic due to its misuse. Having brand collaboration work that addresses these concerns will help change the narrative. The alcohol industry will be seen as an industry that cares about the survival of South Africans and our economy, not just an industry that works toward their bottom line. In times of uncertainty, it is vital to always ensure your business is seen as people-centred and compassionate. This will help build trust with your customers and help create brand advocates while also helping you reach a vast and varied audience. 

Build and maintain brand relevance

Relevance is vital in marketing. A customer’s needs are ever-changing, and marketing helps your brand remain relevant to your potential and existing customers. During this time, people are focused on the important things; job security, financial stability, their families and their health. With the help of a type of marketing partnership that will speak to people’s everyday pain points, your business can ensure relevance and a strong customer relationship that will outlast the pandemic. While your consumers may not be able to purchase alcohol, remaining relevant is vital for any marketing efforts. 

In conclusion 

At Rogerwilco, we strive to ensure that our clients meet their marketing objectives even during difficult times. While this year proves to be just as challenging, we work aimlessly to ensure that your business remains ahead of your consumers’ needs, improving sales. We believe that partnering with an NPO or government organisation for the greater good of South Africans is vital for your business, now more than ever. But, to get the most out of using social impact partnerships, you need to know how to promote it and make your audience aware. Contact us today, and let us help your business remain relevant and promote a partnership. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that knows how to get the job done, no matter the social circumstances. 


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