Technology is only as good as the creative driving it

Wed, 04/12/2019 - 14:17

Marketing technology has come a long way since flyers and billboards. From responsive, rich media to interactive YouTube videos, the opportunities to connect with an audience have greatly increased due to technology. For any business to stay afloat, let alone succeed, they need to embrace the era of tech and tap into the myriad resources available to get their message across. 

However; the technology itself can only bring the horse to the water. If you want it to drink, you need to make a compelling argument. After all, the average consumer is inundated with communications that eventually melt together into one, noisy mess. So, how do you cut through the noise? How do you convince a thirsty horse to drink, or better yet, convince it that it’s thirsty?

That’s where stellar creative comes in. The thing that wows you into clicking that button. When creative and tech meet, a beautiful dance begins. Yes, technology can ensure that the right people see the message at the right time. But, what drives that message? Not the impressive targeting. Not the uninhibited site speed. No, it’s the creative, the human element that ultimately distinguishes the user from the person. And that’s what makes people connect. For a business to succeed, they need to take the next step and embrace the future of digital performance marketing – one that’s powered by creative.

So, why is it worthwhile to produce creative good enough to bring marketing technology to life?

Provide context 

It’s cliche, but it’s true; context is key. For people to convert and proverbially buy what you’re selling, they need to understand what you’re offering, why they need it, and how to get it. Now, listing these things won’t require much brainwork but what really drives the message home is specificity. Creative is the difference between posting a random link and creating an immersive 360 experience where people are taken through the benefits and how to get them.

When creative supports tech in marketing, people can, upon first glance, immediately recognise the context. Your conversion metrics will improve since they won’t need to ascertain whether your offerings are relevant to them. Instead, the right people receive the message at the right time. And if your creative provides enough context, they’ll know it’s the right message for them. 

Tell a story 

Once the context has been established, people need to decide whether that context, the message, relates to them. If it doesn’t matter to them, they won’t act. This is why crafting storylines through creative is essential. When someone feels as though a message was crafted specifically for them, chances are they’ll be more likely to respond in the desired way.

For this to happen, people need to feel as though they’re not being spoken at by a machine but rather spoken to by, well, another person. And creative is the way to do it. From copy with slang you use with your friends to design that conjures special memories, creative uses the screen to evoke a sensation. It takes technology and uses it to tell a story.

Evoke emotion 

After you’ve told your audience a story, they’re able to connect with it on an emotional level. They can put themselves in the situation and reference parts of their lives that relate to it. When this happens, your foot’s in the door. Think about it this way; when two friends who have shared experiences interact, one can easily convince the other because of the trust they’ve built up.

While your service will eventually build your audience’s trust, good creative will serve as the first impression that’ll make them trust you enough to engage. When people are going about their day, juggling a busy work and personal life, the best way to break through and grab attention is with emotionally strong creative.

While your business may be on track with tech trends, it’s time to amp up your performance with creative that drives a message and connects with people. To do this, you’ll need a digital marketing agency worth their weight in gold.

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