Top 4 Reasons for On-Going Web Development

Fri, 04/05/2012 - 16:33

Websites need constant nurturing in order to grow and stay "in" with the times. Many people think that websites are a once-off thing that you create and then like a fire-and-forget missile, you simply leave it to hit its target. Nothing more can be further from the truth. There are many factors which influence the decisions for keeping one's website updated and running smoothly. This article addresses four of those factors.

It's all good and well that you have a magnificent website with a good online presence, but that, like anything in business, needs constant nurturing to ensure that you are always on top of your game. The internet is constantly changing and evolving, where new technologies, services and platforms are being added constantly and so if you do not embrace change yourself, your website will be left behind in the dust.

Below are four aspects about websites which should be paid close attention to.

Stay Trendy

One area where website owners fall behind is that their site was perhaps a masterpiece once upon a time, but many years have since passed and the visits to that website have steadily declined.

There may be nothing aesthetically wrong with the website, but it’s “boring” and has not embraced new technologies.

Professional Web Developers keep their heads in the “game” and are always conscious of all the trendy technological breakthroughs that emerge in the online world. Whether it is cutting-edge tools and functions, or other forms of media-related technologies, you can bet your bottom dollar that your competition will jump on it like a chubby kid on a donut -and you should do the same.

Keep it Fresh

One of the cardinal rules for the success of any webpage online, no matter its purpose, is that it is kept up-to-date with fresh content, visuals and media. If people want to see old things they will make a plan to schedule a visit to their local museum. A website with an archaic design and a most recent article that was posted a couple of years ago will cause online users to avoid the cobwebs and surf elsewhere.

On-going web development will ensure that your website is always up-to-date and with content which is relative today and even tomorrow.

Be Wise, Optimise

Similar to that of staying trendy, optimising your website for tomorrow will ensure that you are always in touch with the needs of your target market. Having a website which is not properly optimised is like popping up a stall in the middle of the Sahara desert – You may sell your wares to the occasional flea-ridden camel-backed nomad, but don’t expect to get rich doing so.

Knowing what search queries and keywords people are using online is golden and constantly optimising your website to reflect those queries and keywords will ensure you have a high Page Rank (PR) and visibility to the market.

Adapt & Survive

Staying in touch with security vulnerabilities is crucial for your website. Nearly every kid in a basement, along with their cousins, are tech savvy and are looking to cause a little destruction or steal information wherever they can.

By staying ahead in terms of web development, you will ensure that your website’s coding is kept up-to-date and utilising the latest security protocols. Dated websites are hot targets for attackers as there are always guides emerging that are so easy to use that even your granny will be able to effectively go fishing for someone’s banking details without much hassle.

There is a saying that in order to get through life without the headaches that most people encounter, you need 3 things: A good doctor, a good lawyer and a good mechanic.

Most people would agree but let’s be honest, times have changed and we should add one more to that traditional list, a good web developer!

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