Why content writers should come up with their own topics

Thu, 22/03/2018 - 09:13

Content writing is not easy. Writers come up with multiple topics daily. And they have to do that week in and week out, month after month. Then they actually have to write those articles. They’re likely given a keyword or set of keywords before they have to start writing. That’s it. No further guidance or information. And that’s just part of the reason why they need to come up with their own topics.

Why content writers should come up with their own topics

It can be difficult to write an 800-word article on a topic of someone else’s choosing. It’s tough to remain motivated through all of that writing. Sometimes, when seeing a topic someone else came up with, writers will have no idea what that person wants or expects. Instead of writing, they’ll spend their time researching and reading, trying to make head or tail of what might be expected of them.

Of course, they should be able to write about everything and anything that’s thrown at them. There are certain articles or blog posts which must be written because a client demands it. But there are other clients which allow a little more leeway. Of course, content writers can’t write about anything they feel like. They can't review the most recent runways of Paris for an article which is required to contain the keyword “second-hand tractors”.

While they should have the freedom to choose their own topics, writers can’t stray too far from the client. Writers should know what the brand’s relevant target market is. They should know what tone to use and what type of content will appeal to this audience. They should know what the purpose of that particular piece of content is. Finally, they should know what action they’d like the reader to take once they’re finished going through the piece. And once they have all of that information, armed with the keyword they’re required to use, they can start writing. So, here are just some of the reasons why content marketing writers should come up with their own topics.

It easier to write about something you have a connection with
If a writer is unsure about where to invest their money or how to save for retirement, they might want to write articles or blog posts about finance. Someone who is planning a wedding might have a sudden interest in writing about table settings and relationships with in-laws. Writers will create better content if they’re writing about a topic they care about. They’ll be writing what they like, the type of content they’d like to read.

It requires that they understand the subject
Choosing a topic means the writer has some interest and understanding of the subject. They’ll be excited to do the research, they’ll want to learn more. And once they have that understanding, they’ll want to write more on the subject. They’ll look forward to them because they’ll have an interest and understanding of the subject.

It allows them to really learn a subject
One of the perks of being a content writer is being given the opportunity to learn about subjects you might not have otherwise. Because when else would you have decided to research tractors, retirement annuities and table settings? Doing this type of research on a regular basis for each of your clients allows you to become knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. This will not only be useful when you’re standing around the braai but when you’re in a meeting with the client. All of that tractor research sure is coming in handy now!

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