Why Drupal is the perfect fit for your next responsive mobile website

by Rehan Otto
Tue, 19/03/2019 - 15:42

Building a responsive mobile website might sound like a difficult process, but it does not have to be. If you use the right software and tools as a web development company, you will find that it is a simple and efficient option to offer your clients.

One of these tools you can use is Drupal, content management software which provides an easy and effective way to create content and build websites. It is ideal for mobile websites due to its ease of use and high-quality safety features. 

When you are thinking about mobile web application development Drupal should be your first choice. It has built-in tools and functionality which allow you to optimise sites for mobile. Web development companies in South Africa will find that Drupal enables websites to easily scale across devices, making it one of the best developer tools on the market for user experience and responsive websites. Below we discuss why Drupal is the perfect fit for your next mobile website. 

It handles mobile content well

When creating a responsive website design (geared toward mobile), you need a tool that can handle the content elegantly and easily. Drupal is able to build mobile websites which load content quickly, meaning that your users will not spend time waiting for content and pages to load. 

Drupal allows you to create a rich variety of modules which can improve your site speed significantly. Managing your data intelligently means that your website will load quickly and will help to ensure that the most important messages will load first. This will help your users to have a positive customer experience, which can help to boost your brand visibility and reputation in the minds of consumers. 

It provides responsive web design options

Imagine using a responsive mobile website that did not have finger-zoom capabilities? Or one which had not scaled down from desktop size to mobile screen size? Any mobile web or app development company knows that a responsive mobile website is vital for an optimal user experience. 

Drupal offers themes such as Omega, Arctica, and Adaptivetheme, all of which allow you to create a responsive mobile website for consumers. This is because it can reduce the formatting of your website so that mobile device requirements are met. It allows users to rotate their phones and have the screen change accordingly due to the style sheets being able to update quickly and simultaneously, making for a responsive and easy-to-use mobile site. 

You can have multiple domains

One aspect of creating a mobile-responsive site is that you need a level of flexibility in terms of domains for both desktop and mobile websites. Drupal can help with this as it offers the module Domain Access which provides you with two separate versions of your website running on different domains. 

You can customise these domains as per your needs, allowing you to have a truly personalised mobile website for consumers to use and enjoy. By having the correct domain for a mobile website, the site will run smoothly without any hassles or delays. Be sure to use the Mobile Domain module so that your website can be translated for mobile effectively. There are other modules you can include which will improve the site’s speed and appearance too. 

Content editing on-the-go

Sometimes, we need to make a correction to content as quickly as possible (or as soon as the client requests the change). Drupal is ideal for this type of correction because it allows you to edit and administrate your site using your mobile device, which comes in handy for those times when you might be out of the office but need to make urgent changes.

It provides an intuitive interface that anyone can use on their mobile devices, allowing content editors and even mobile website developers to edit on the go when they need to most. You can also make changes to the modules in this manner too, which can be useful if your desktop computer is out-of-commission. As a content management system, Drupal is ahead of the curve and can make updating a client website easy, efficient, and highly cost-effective. 

Make mobile magic

Having a responsive and well-designed mobile website is vital for any business. But it can be difficult to develop one if you are not using the right tools. Drupal handles mobile content elegantly and efficiently, allowing your site to have optimal speeds and user experience. And you will have a responsive web design with the right domain. With the functionality to edit mobile content from your mobile phone, why not look into our Drupal offerings for your new site, or consider a Drupal 9 upgrade through Rogerwilco?

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