Why every business needs digital performance marketing

Tue, 02/04/2019 - 09:53

Over the years marketing has evolved - traditional marketing and advertising has taken a backseat to digital marketing. Going digital has helped many businesses with marketing their brand, making it easier and accessible anywhere, anytime for its customers. 

Regardless of which sector you fall in, every business needs digital performance marketing. Digital marketing campaigns are there to bring awareness to your brand and to bring in sales. As a digital performance marketing agency, we can assist you in building your business brand, help your business reach its target market and bring in sales. But first, you need to understand why digital marketing is important for your business. 

Traditional marketing is no longer what it use to be 

Having your brand advertised in magazines, newspapers or on television is no longer sufficient. Technology has taken over. Most people no longer buy magazines or newspapers so it can be difficult for the right people to see your ad on those platforms. In order for you to create brand awareness, digital marketing is the way to go. 

You're able to track your progress

With digital marketing, you can track your marketing efforts. If you’re wondering what the benefits of digital marketing performance metrics are, then this is one of them. When your business is able to track website traffic sources and leads, brand awareness, cost per lead, returning visitors, online conversion rates, click through rate (CTR), lead conversion rate and customer lifetime value, it is easier to reach your goals.

Digital marketing performance reports can show you how many people are engaging with you on social media. It can also show your business traffic sources. These are helpful as you can see what is working and what your business needs to work one and we’re specialists in doing that.

It’s cost-effective 

Unlike traditional marketing going digital is cost-effective. With performance marketing, you only pay once an action has been made by a customer.  As an advertiser in digital marketing, you would pay for things like a cost per lead or pay per click, these are examples of marketing methods that you would pay for once a customer has made an action towards your ad. The action could lead to a sale, lead or a click. With traditional marketing, you pay regardless of whether there has been an action made. 

Everyone is online 

Even people who aren’t tech savvy are online and have smartphones these days. People spend their time on their cellphones so being online is a great way to attract new customers. Having a blog, online shop or engaging on social media will help you retain your paying customers while also bringing in new customers. It’s all about using the right tool, as this will allow your business to perform at its full potential. A key thing you should look at if you have a website, a great landing page. A great landing page will ensure more people return to your website and make an action.  

You can increase brand awareness 

If your business needs to increase its brand awareness, then online marketing is what you need. Digital marketing helps you reach more people through social media, blog post and search engines. Once you have your business online, people will be able to share your blogs with their friends and family, they can review your products on social media or you could show them your latest product on social media. You can turn potential customers to paying customers at any time, they don’t need to go into your physical shop for them to be a customer anymore. 

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