The Case for Customer Data Platforms

As organisations continue to invest in digital marketing, they grow the number of tools they use creating data silos and annoying customers with fragmented and impersonal communication. The good news is that a Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers a simple and elegant solution, allowing organisations to create a unified view of their data and improve the efficiency of their comms. And as the South African business partner for Tealium, the world’s leading CDP, we’re here to help.

{80+} tools used by the average SaaS company
{$3} trillion cost of bad data to the US each year
{78} percentage of US corporates investing in CDPs
{7040} available martech solutions in 2020
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Why invest in a CDP?



As our 2020 South African Digital CX report showed, existing customers can be strong advocates when brands delight them. 
And as Bain and others have proven, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases company profits by anywhere from 25% to 95%. The most effective way of turning customers into loyal advocates is to really understand your 1st party data. And that’s best done with a CDP.



The introduction of POPI, GDPR and other data privacy laws have made it crucial for organisations to protect their customer data - violations can lead to steep fines and a loss of consumer confidence. 
A good customer data platform will help you collect (and attribute) 1st party data, monitor and notify you of changes to data and, most importantly in this context, ensure that your company’s data policies are adhered to.



If data is connected effectively it allows companies to deliver on digital marketing’s greatest promise - agility. 
Housing data in a single, centralised environment means organisations can optimise their marketing activities while ensuring they’re aligned to their customers’ wants and needs. This is more important than ever given the number of channels used to facilitate communication.

What do I need to consider?


The growing popularity of CDPs has led to an explosion in the number of solutions on the market. But buyers beware, not everything that’s badged as a customer data platform is a CDP. 
Increasingly, customer relationship management and adtech platforms like DMPs are being passed off as CDPs. The CDP Institute offers a valuable source of independent commentary on the state of the market for those considering deploying one.


The best CDPs will integrate with your entire marketing tech stack straight out of the box. That means they augment rather than replace your martech investments. 
A key part of the evaluation exercise will be to understand how a CDP can help you leverage your existing martech deployments, so it’s crucial to understand which solutions offer seamless integration with the systems you’re already running.


Most technology solutions fail not because of frailties in the tech, but because the human aspect of the deployment isn’t rolled out as envisaged. This makes it particularly important for organisations to have skilled, local support that they can call on.
All of the members of Rogerwilco’s business intelligence team are Tealium certified and are on hand to assist with technical presales, set up and usage of the Tealium solution.