Data-inspired creativity tips that can improve digital performance marketing

Wed, 04/12/2019 - 14:29

From enemies to lovers, creativity and technology have given birth to a risk worth taking. 

In a tech-savvy age where disruption has become the norm, it’s time you piggyback off creative intelligence to push boundaries and really get tongues wagging. Forget the need to focus on ‘smart’ performance marketing and embark on a journey where data fuels idea generation, and creativity continues to build connections with your customers.  

When two different minds become one

Sure, technology overlooks creativity in terms of efficiency, but neither can be compromised on. Creative assets are known to drive emotional interactions, while technology drives results. Today, marketers are challenged to learn how to measure creativity with a new way of thinking. And with advanced technology emerging at the blink of an eye, the question is, how can businesses use data to inspire creativity? In short, you can use a data-inspired approach to imagine new ways of thinking, creating and performing. Once you merge these two services, you will never lose sight of your marketing goal. Let’s look at data-inspired creativity tips that can positively influence your bottom line.

Get to know your audience better 

No matter how many surveys your customers complete, or listening tools you deploy to monitor online conversations about your brand, the reality is that brands still don’t know their customers. By tapping into artificial resources and machine learning (ML) to gain an entirely new perspective on who your customers are, you will be able to understand what your audiences expect from your brand. Most times, the information you find – passions, interests and hobbies – are unexpectedly different from what you had initially imagined. These small changes will spike your search. 

Content personalisation needs to be scaled 

The unwritten rule of marketing’s holy grail is to personalise content at every touchpoint. Businesses cannot simply push assets that do not relate or resonate with a customer’s interests. Fortunately, artificial resources can help you engage the audiences your business is trying to target, and successfully deliver information that supports their needs. 

Experiment with your customers 

You cannot improve if you cannot measure your performance. So, we advise you to experiment and be brave enough to allow marketing agencies in Cape Town to assist you. With years of expertise, our teams can provide you with creative assets that are backed by measurable data. Based on your performance, you can see what type of content resonates with your customers, and what they seem to prefer with your brand. Of course, you need to be strategic with your approach; however, you need to break the rules a bit to truly find what makes your customers tick. 

Explore data-inspired creativity in your business 

Technology is only becoming more intelligent. And resisting this change is only going to jeopardise your business’s potential. While machines have certainly proven to excel in complex tasks, businesses should not shy away from using these resources to inform creative processes with measurable data. Machines cannot replace imaginative ideas, but in the right hands, they can amplify your business’s potential, and inspire new ways of engaging with customers. 

At Rogerwilco, our teams have the expertise to help your business achieve the best possible results with intelligent tools. We’ll help you find the best channel to deliver a return on your investment (ROI) and deliver on your objectives.


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