Times are changing! Let’s talk about how creative agencies of the future will look

Mon, 15/06/2020 - 09:29

If the last decade in the marketing industry is anything to go by, the future of advertising will be ever-changing. If anyone actually knew what the future holds, they’d be set for more than just one lifetime. But, by looking at the past and present of creative agencies, we can make informed predictions about the great unknown.

It should come as no surprise that the future of marketing won’t be traditional; it demands excellence across the board. It’s a hard pill to swallow for some, but newer generations are connecting less and less with traditional forms of media. This, coupled with the rapid expansion of available marketing technologies, means the future of the industry will be digital. And if you’re going to thrive in this new world, you need a partner like Rogerwilco who’s equipped to guide you through this transformation.

And, speaking of the newer generations, it’s important to consider the way they interact with brands when tackling a marketing strategy fit for the future. While anyone millennial and older might see a brand they love as an essential part of their lives, younger consumers often see themselves as synonymous with it. This means, more than ever, that brand identity should be at the core of what you do.

Now, with this in mind, how will a digital marketing agency in South Africa look in the next decade?

Agile and collaborative for the brand’s benefit

While many agencies these days strive to be full-service in their approach, brands are starting to keep their eggs in far more baskets. Agency reviews have meant that heavyweight brands like Ford are splitting their creative requirements between agencies and an expanded in-house team. This means that agencies have to be able to collaborate with other agencies.

What this also means is that agencies will have to sharpen their swords and make sure the services they offer are truly specialised. If you want to succeed in a world where it only takes some software and a few contacts to enter the advertising industry, you need to offer an ecosystem of interconnected competencies.

Able to commodify tried and true expertise

As the market becomes increasingly saturated with agencies, creatives and marketing technology, undeniable expertise will become the distinguishing factor between who gets the job and who doesn’t. Now, anyone can take an online course and gain some useful insights. But true expertise is something you earn over many years of trial and error.

To truly connect with a person, you need a clear understanding of their habits. Which platforms do they use most? When are they active? What’s their spending behaviour? It takes clever content marketing to reach them at these touchpoints and creative writing to inspire them to engage. Any agency can define your target audience, but it takes earned experience to be able to understand them.

The creative agencies that end up on top will be the ones that know how to acquire expertise, and more importantly, how to wield it to the benefit of the brand. Because ultimately, marketing strategies are nothing if they’re not aligned with business goals.

At Rogerwilco, insights form the basis of any work we undertake. We collect the data available, interpret it, and identify the best course of action to help our clients benefit their bottom line and gain even more useful insights. Contact us, and we’ll provide performance marketing services based on data, knowledge and years of experience.

Creative in meaningful ways

The future of advertising will undoubtedly be peppered with new technology. Of course, technological advancements are welcomed in the industry. But what’s important to remember is that technology can never replace creativity, it can only enhance it.

When the market becomes flooded with different messages, agencies and technologies, what will distinguish your brand from the rest? Creative will always be what connects with a person and draws them in.

We have to agree with Nick Garrett, CEO of Clemenger BBDO, in saying that creativity needs to provide value, be it social or commercial. No matter how much technology becomes involved in the industry, we will always market to real people. If that remains at the forefront of an agency’s approach, success is sure to follow.

Knowing how to evolve with the times, and give your brand the longevity it deserves can be a challenge. But, with a future-fit agency in your corner, it’s a challenge you can turn into an opportunity. At Rogerwilco, we always take a data-led, human-centred approach to creative marketing. As data and human behaviour evolve, so do we. Contact us to start working on the future of your brand today.

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