What exactly is UX design, and why should brands care?

by Lianda Dadlana
Thu, 14/01/2021 - 11:18

In such a digitally competitive space, with different organisations trying to catch people’s attention, your business needs to ensure they tick all the boxes when it comes to marketing. A good marketing strategy ensures your business continues to dominate your market and continues to be a brand your customers want to associate themselves with.

When it comes to user experience (UX) and branding, many businesses often do not see the correlation. However, UX design processes and branding go hand in hand. With UX design, your customers get what they need from your business, ensuring they become returning customers and ones who advocate for your brand. 

Below, we unpack everything you need to know about UX design, and more importantly, why you should care. 

What is UX design?

UX design refers to the design process that helps create products that will ensure that your existing and potential customers have a meaningful and streamlined experience. UX design involves acquiring and integrating products, whether in branding, design, functionality and usability. A well-thought-out UX design will positively affect how a customer feels when interacting with your website, whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It satisfies and fulfils your customer's needs throughout their buying journey. This, in turn, leads to several benefits that will impact your business's bottom line. 

Why should brands care about UX?

Now that you understand the purpose of UX, let’s unpack why brands should care about their customers’ user experience, and how it can benefit them:

Gain a competitive advantage

Businesses continue to grow and produce quality products and services, but a few factors set companies apart; their marketing campaigns, how they treat a customer and the experience they give throughout the buying cycle. With UX, you can achieve all that because its core purpose is being user-centric. Proper UX design with drupal integration experts like ours, will ensure you attract and retain customers. More importantly, it will ensure your business gains their loyalty, which gives you a long-term competitive advantage. Your customers will choose to work with you because they know their experience with your brand is simple and seamless. 

Fulfil your customers’ needs

Customer satisfaction is the key to setting your business apart. When someone lands on your site, it needs to be easy to navigate, the content should be easily accessible, and it needs to be intuitive and take the customer through the buying journey effortlessly. That is what user experience is all about. It’s about ensuring that your customer is satisfied at each touchpoint. Having a lagging website or one that isn’t mobile-friendly can deter customers from making a sale, finding information or inquiring about your product or service. Your customers leave feeling frustrated, which often sends them to seek answers, and spend their money, elsewhere. If you’re trying to bring in and retain more customers, you need a graphic design agency in Cape Town like ours to fulfil their needs. 

Save money

Every business wants to save money in the long run, while also ensuring happy customers. Well, that is possible with the help of UX. A well-designed system simply works, wherever your customer is using it from. It ensures things go smoothly and sales increase. But, if a system has been poorly designed or doesn't have any UX designs and processes, there will be many hiccups along the customer journey. This may lead to heavy reliance on technical support, which ultimately means that your business will have to spend more money rectifying a site. A properly built system makes things flow smoothly, ensuring you don't spend money unnecessarily and opening up time and funds for other core business functions. 

Increase sales

While there aren't metrics that show how UX can improve your business’s revenue, one thing known to increase sales is customer satisfaction and advocacy. Satisfied customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a business that makes the journey seamless and hassle-free, and in turn, become advocates who bring more people to your business. As an agency that works and cares about brand experience design, we are sure that you will see a difference in your sales as UX is set up to support your company’s marketing strategy. 

Final thoughts

While there are misconceptions about user experience design, we believe it is essential in your marketing strategy. Without incorporating UX design into your marketing, you miss out on these benefits, which will ultimately affect how your customers see your business and brand. As a digital marketing and design agency, we care about brand experience design as we know its value. Whether you wish to build a new site or see that your business is struggling to achieve its goals, be sure to contact us. We will be happy to work with you to create a seamless experience for all your customers and see how that will translate in your revenue. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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